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Spring to Life

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Spring to Life WITH THE warmth that thaws the frozen hearts of people, spring is just around the corner. In spring, people look forward to a new start. Indeed, the month of April is when the cherry blossoms bloom at their peak and when people get out of their homes for a nice little picnic. But what is spring without music? Let¡¯s look at what Yonseians recommended as their top choices for spring music. Ko Jong-hee (Sr., Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engin.)K-Will – ¡°Love Blossom¡±Beginning of spring is a good time for a fresh start. Many people had already made their resolutions for this budding season. In
Pinocchio in Real Life


Pinocchio in Real Life APRIL FOOL¡¯S Day is the one day of the year when people are allowed to lie without feeling any guilt. What actually happens to the brain when people lie? In a new field of the neuroscience on lying, scientists have been trying to figure out how different parts of the brain and the body react to lying. Believe it or not, many parts of the human body become active even with trivial lies. Lying: psychology or science?Though previously thought only as a field of psychology, telling lies actually involves a great amount of activity in the brain as well as chemical and physical reactions in the huma
Spring Special: Singing the Welcoming of Cherry Blossoms


Spring Special: Singing the Welcoming of Cherry Blossoms SPRING IS here and so are two unique artists who sing lyrics and melodies that signal the coming of cherry blossoms. In welcoming spring, The Yonsei Annals interviewed O.When, a rising rookie who is gaining popularity from a growing audience, and Eddy Kim, a representative acoustic artist who sings the sweetest melodies, to hear their stories and find out how they are preparing themselves for spring 2017. Rising rookie: O.When Annals: In 2015, you came to Seoul to make your debut. Everything must have been new and strange to you. What was the hardest part in adapting to such an unfamiliar envi
A Living Time Capsule Sharing Tradition and History

Travel Diary

A Living Time Capsule Sharing Tradition and History ENTERING THE 21st century, most of Seoul and its adjacent provinces have gone through the process of gentrification and urban regeneration. Therefore, the areas once occupied by low buildings that were built in the mid-20th century have been transformed into a cement jungle of high-rise buildings. However, sometimes, city dwellers yearn to escape from the mundane and busy urban environment. In that case, Bae-da-ri Village, which has been preserving the remnants of the past since the early 20th century, serves as a perfect place for a getaway. First stop: Woo-gak-ro Cultural Village Entering Wo
The Backstage Crew of Rothems

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The Backstage Crew of Rothems THE PERFORMANCE of Jack the Ripper by Rothems in March still lingers in the air. People are still humming their favorite musical note, talking about the best scene, and complimenting the captivating performance of the actors. However, there is not much talk about the staff who had been working zealously backstage. The staff of Rothems consists of a producer, music director, choreographer, stage manager, costume manager, and others. Even though the crew has played a pivotal role in forming the stage, the staff members are rarely acknowledged. In order to understand the staff¡¯s role, The Yonsei
Closed Cultural Borders for Foreigners

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Closed Cultural Borders for Foreigners Many foreigners are victims of racial discrimination in South Korea. According to a 2015 survey by the Seoul Institute of 2,500 foreign nationals, 94.5% had experienced discrimination in Seoul¦¡62.2% of them due to nationality and 28.8% of them due to appearance. Racism can happen anywhere in our society in different forms, either through words or through physical violence. In South Korea, racism mostly targets people from Southeast Asia and Africa. In 2009, the Korean Education Broadcasting System (EBS) conducted an experiment on how South Korean citizens react to foreigners asking for help. I