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The Hangdong Railroad: Walking Through the Course of Our Lives

Travel Diary

The Hangdong Railroad: Walking Through the Course of Our Lives PEOPLE OFTEN seek to escape from their busy lives. They wish to leave to a place where they do not have to worry about anything, but to relax and think. The Hangdong Railroad is the perfect place for these people to visit, with a peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere. Previously named the Oh-ryu-dong Line or the Gyeonggi Chemical Line, the railroad was used for transporting raw materials and finished products of a fertilizer company. However, the area has now transformed into a tourist attraction for those who want to stroll quietly, while listening to music and taking beautiful photos of nature. Th
The Rise of the 5G Era


The Rise of the 5G Era IN THE summer of 2011, the 4th generation mobile network "Long Term Evolution (LTE)" went on the market for the first time in South Korea. Since then, mobile networks have been upgraded almost every year from ¡°LTE-A,¡± to ¡°broadband LTE¡±, and recently to the ¡°3-band LTE¡±. In 2011, the maximum data download speed was 75 megabits per second (Mbps). Now the speed reaches 300 Mbps, a data rate that can download an entire movie in about 20 seconds. While the term LTE is finally becoming familiar to the public, the telecommunications industry is already talking about yet another term — 5th ge
Are Women¡¯s Rights Really Secured?

Special Report

Are Women¡¯s Rights Really Secured? ON JAN. 21, 2017, thousands of South Koreans joined the Women¡¯s March at Gangnam, Seoul, calling out, ¡°Women¡¯s rights are human rights!¡± The march was held all around the world, including Washington, Paris, London, and Berlin, on the same day, to demand better laws regarding women¡¯s rights. In South Korea, numerous efforts have been made since 1898 to securewomen¡¯s rights. However, many laws that are meant to protect women are actually disfavoring them. Dating violence hidden under the name of loveOn Jan. 9, 2017, a 34-year-old woman reported to the police that her boyfriend was threatening he
Behind All the Shine


Behind All the Shine ¡°LIGHTS, CAMERA, action!¡± The director cues the staff, the microphones turn on, the cameras face the center, and the young actor blinks under the bright lights. Behind all the glamour and fame, underage actors face difficulties that many people are not aware of. The popularity of child actors has grown in recent years. As a result, they started to play major roles in films, but this unfortunately has come along with great costs. The long hours spent filming is a major problem for underage actors. As many already know, actors spend extremely long hours on the sets, and this also applies to the
Kakao Madness

Take a Break

Kakao Madness WALKING DOWN the streets in South Korea, one can come across a variety of animated characters displayed on many kinds of products. Not only do these characters catch people¡¯s attention, they also add entertainment value to the products. The so-called ¡°character marketing¡± has become an economic trend in South Korea, and creating the most eye-catching animated character opens the pathway towards the brand¡¯s success in nowadays society.Character marketing trend in South Korea With increased competition among companies, the structure of the economy changed from producer-centered to consumer-cente
Innovating Yonsei

Voice on Campus

Innovating Yonsei WHAT¡¯S YOUR idea of a ¡°dream campus¡±? Despite the variety of buildings and facilities already in place on the two campuses of Yonsei University, students still face difficulties and inconveniences due to the lack of facilities meeting their needs. In this month¡¯s Voice on Campus, The Yonsei Annals asked several Yonsei students about the facilities or buildings they would like to see built on the Sinchon and Songdo campuses in hope of identifying ideas that would make life on campus more pleasant and efficient. Sinchon CampusYoon Da-hye (Soph., Korean Culture and Commerce) I wish there were mor