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The Antisocial Social Club: Being Alone but Not Lonely on Christmas in South Korea

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The Antisocial Social Club: Being Alone but Not Lonely on Christmas in South Korea IF POSSIBLE, the already scenic Seoul becomes even more so around Christmastime. Featuring all the hallmarks of a Nat King Cole carol, the city overflows with chestnuts roasting on food carts, ready to be made into yul-lan*, hip-hopified yuletide carols blast from stores, and folks dressed like modish Eskimos flaunt their long puffer coats. More distinctively in South Korea, December also begets ice-skating, cafe-hopping and sightseeing in twos. In this way, Christmas in Korea is primarily a loud, unofficial reiteration of Valentine¡¯s Day and how much the nation glorifies young love. At the sa
Winter Life Hacks

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Winter Life Hacks WINTER IS a season of relaxation and high morale. As the semester draws to an end, students prepare for their finals, professors bring their lectures to a close, and Christmas carols begin to fill the streets. However, as much as winter is a season of caring for others and recreation of self, it is also a time of fearing the cold winds that gust through open windows. With this year¡¯s winter estimated to be even colder than that of last year, Yonseians are exploring various life hacks in preparation for the severe cold. Those who stay at the Yonsei International Campus (YIC) in Songdo, Incheon,
The Guardians of Yonsei¡¯s Forest: Yonsei Acorn Rangers

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The Guardians of Yonsei¡¯s Forest: Yonsei Acorn Rangers HAVE YOU ever noticed groups of people gathering acorns from the forest floors of Yonsei¡¯s Chungsongdae? Their actions may seem harmless; some may believe that the acorns have to be eventually cleared and that these individuals are simply doing the school a favor. In reality, however, acorns exist as the main source of food for animals living in the forest. By taking the acorns away, these people are disrupting the vital ecosystem of the forest. Stirred into action after witnessing the plight of the forest and its animal residents, 28 Yonsei students established the Yonsei Acorn Rangers on Sep
A Career for Her Heart¡¯s Every Calling


A Career for Her Heart¡¯s Every Calling AN ANNOUNCER*, an actress, and now an aspiring YouTuber. These are the labels that follow Choi Song-hyun, an alumna of the College of Communication of Yonsei University. Some people call her courageous; others call her reckless. Regardless, no one can deny her passion for the pursuit of new identities. With the recent creation of her very own YouTube channel, SONGHYUNC FILM, she has once again defined herself with a new status as a content creator. Even in the face of uncertainty, Choi has grasped the tail ends of her seemingly unattainable dreams through her fearless drive to defy the norms.
Are You Getting Enough Sleep?


Are You Getting Enough Sleep? ¡°GOING TO bed early is like admitting my defeat,¡± says Lee Ju-hee, a junior in high school. ¡°The more I sleep, the more I feel like I¡¯m lagging behind.¡± The competitiveness in today¡¯s modern society has contributed to the idea that sleeping is a waste of precious time which could be spent more productively. Sleep deprivation has become a social norm among the younger generation, and university students are especially prone to this phenomenon. Pulling an all-nighter before an important exam, staying up until three in the morning to finish a paper, and chugging coffee to compensate for last nigh
Beyond the Horoscopes: A Deeper Look at Astrology

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Beyond the Horoscopes: A Deeper Look at Astrology BEFORE THE emergence of scientific theories and principles to explain astronomical patterns and anomalies, ancient peoples used to construct stories to explain the phenomena they observed in the sky. It is said that the Babylonians associated celestial bodies with certain attributes by metaphorically interpreting their characteristics and movements*. Mercury, for example, symbolized deceit because of its quick movement and difficulty to locate. Such interpretations marked the beginning of what we now call ¡°astrology,¡± which derives from the Greek word astron (¡°star¡±) and logia (¡°study of¡±). As