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Innovating Yonsei

Voice on Campus

Innovating Yonsei WHAT¡¯S YOUR idea of a ¡°dream campus¡±? Despite the variety of buildings and facilities already in place on the two campuses of Yonsei University, students still face difficulties and inconveniences due to the lack of facilities meeting their needs. In this month¡¯s Voice on Campus, The Yonsei Annals asked several Yonsei students about the facilities or buildings they would like to see built on the Sinchon and Songdo campuses in hope of identifying ideas that would make life on campus more pleasant and efficient. Sinchon CampusYoon Da-hye (Soph., Korean Culture and Commerce) I wish there were mor
Study Before, Play After


Study Before, Play After FINAL EXAMS approach as winter draws near. The library swarms with students competing for vacant seats. Students stay up for many nights in a row as they frantically cram for exams. However, studies on the multi-store model of memory demonstrate that cramming won¡¯t help. In fact, it would be better for students not to study at all rather than cram during an exam period; trying to digest a whole semester¡¯s worth of materials will only result in memory deterioration from stress. This month¡¯s Lightbulb will explore the biological nature of the memory system, which proves that excessive studying d
Jailed For What?

Take a Break

Jailed For What? AS IT is nearly the end of the school year, many of us are ready to pack our bags and travel to different parts of the world. Whether we are travelling to a Western country or backpacking around Asia, there is no doubt that different countries have distinct cultures. In fact, some common aspects of life in Korea might even be illegal in a different country.Remember to look out for surprising laws when traveling abroad or you might end up paying a fine or being locked up during your vacation. Finish your duty before 10 p.m. If you really need to use the toilet after 10 p.m., you just might have
Please, Don¡¯t Abandon Me


Please, Don¡¯t Abandon Me ON A jet-black night, a dog gets into the car with delight. He always loved driving with his master but something seems strange today. His master is unusually silent and does not even look at him. The car stops on the side of the road where no one is passing by. His master puts him down on the ground and gets back in the car. With a squeal of tires, the car drives away. Although he becomes a little bit scared, he does not panic because he believes that his beloved master will return and take him home. On a jet-black night, curled up on the cold ground, the dog endlessly waits for his master wh
Youth that Never Returns


Youth that Never Returns ¡°TEN YEARS is longer than you think. You should try everything before you turn 30!¡± Kim Jun-su said with a smile. As a globally popular singer and actor, Kim has released albums such as …IS YOU and XIGNATURE, held a concert, and performed in musicals including Dracula and Dorian Gray this year. His hard work and careful dedication to his craft has led to huge success in both his albums and musicals. The Yonsei Annals started the interview by congratulating him on winning the popularity award with the character Dorian Gray in Yegreen Musical Awards. Although he is a superstar, his attitu
Her Voice on Politics


Her Voice on Politics ¡°BEING THE first female political reporter of JoongAng Ilbo since its establishment in 1965 is a record that no one can ever break,¡± said Lee Jung-min, the Editor-in-Chief of JoongAng Sunday. When she jumped into the field of journalism in the 20th century, she was the only female reporter entering the National Assembly Building. She witnessed six general elections from the 15th to the 20th and four presidential elections. The Yonsei Annals interviewed this living legend in the field of journalism, and asked her opinion about the future of printed newspapers. Annals: Please introduce JoongAng