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If Only I Had Known

Voice on Campus

If Only I Had Known ¡°IF ONLY,¡± is the beginning of a million thoughts that race through our minds everyday. Everyone has one or more ¡°maybes¡± in their lives that leave them wondering how things would have or could have gone differently if they had known better. If there were a redo button that took people back to any moment in the past, many would take the chance. University students and professors are no exception. Since everyone has a unique college experience, everyone has different advice to give. From nervous freshmen, lazy sophomores, hopeless juniors, to stressed out seniors, The Yonsei Annals asked Yonsei
If Mayors Ruled the World: We¡¯d Be Better Off


If Mayors Ruled the World: We¡¯d Be Better Off WHEN TRUMP pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement, environmentalists were struck with rage and disbelief. However, since then, a new hope has arisen to combat climate change in the United States and it comes from mayors. This year, both the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and the mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, have rolled out Green New Deals for their respective cities, promising to dramatically reduce emissions and make their cities more sustainable. This phenomenon isn¡¯t unique to the United States— mayors from cities around the world are stepping up to the plate
Vitamin supplements: friends or foes of nutrition?


Vitamin supplements: friends or foes of nutrition? ADVERTISEMENTS OF dietary supplements span four pages in a Korean inflight magazine. ¡°All in one capsule,¡± reads the description of one of the expensive products marketed to lure in the especially health-conscious consumers. Claiming to contain no less than five properties, those pills seem like a cure-all: heart strengthening, prevention of liver disease, anti-aging, stress reduction, and even sexual enhancement. Chances are you do not need to take them at all, and you may not experience any positive effect on your health in case you do. To make things worse, redundant vitamin intake could ev
Leading the Way in Genetic Science


Leading the Way in Genetic Science HUMANITY¡¯S DRIVE to understand the nature of our biology and its mechanisms has brought about phenomenal improvement in technology in the field of genetics. From the mere discovery of the human genes to the analysis and even editing of genetic information, we have come a long way. Kim Hyung-bum (Prof. Department of Pharmacology) has currently made great strides to make genetic research even easier. Awarded the STAR (Science Technology And Researcher) of May 2019 by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Professor Kim¡¯s recent research on using deep learning* technology to improve the efficiency of g
Gangneung: Retracing the steps of the old poet Jeong Chul

Travel Diary

Gangneung: Retracing the steps of the old poet Jeong Chul EVERY ONCE in a while, even the most casual of daily routines can take a toll on you. During the midterm exams, there was one single powerful thought that kept me going throughout: I wanted to see the ocean. This desire came to my mind once more as I randomly recalled the lyrics to ¡°Gwandong Tunes,¡± an old Korean poem that we learned back in high school. Jeong Chul, the poet of the Tunes, had sought healing from the nature of Gangwon-do as he waited for his king to summon him back to the royal courts. Coming to know the natural beauty of Gangneung thanks to studying Korean Geography and having
Diplomats, the Bridge between Korea and the World


Diplomats, the Bridge between Korea and the World WHAT USUALLY comes to mind when we imagine a diplomat is someone in a formal suit, holding a glass of wine and wandering around the banquet room to meet new people—a scene we often encounter in movies. However, attending formal dinners just happens to be a perk of a diplomat¡¯s job, which entails any activity—whether it be political, economic, or cultural—that represents and promotes the interests of his or her country. In Korea, a total number of 1,980 diplomats are working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Seoul and in embassies and legations abroad. Wherever in t