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Spend, Korea, Spend


Spend, Korea, Spend ¡°SPIRITUAL CANCER¡± is what Pope Francis called it when he warned the South Korean youth about the dangers of materialism on his visit in 2014. Four years later, Korea¡¯s spending on luxury goods and overall consumerist culture has continued to expand. Cities in Korea are full of street clothes vendors, massive underground shopping malls, and public transit stations posted with advertisements for plastic surgery and cosmetics. At a glance, this outwardly affluent, material-based, distinctly competitive society comes across as superficial. However, a deeper social and economic understanding of Ko
Group F: The Passion Outside the Stadium

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Group F: The Passion Outside the Stadium AS THE middle of June approaches, cities all over the world prepare for the displays of color and joyful sounds that fill the streets with the upcoming FIFA World Cup. This year¡¯s competition will take place in Russia from June 14 to July 15 with 32 national football teams from across the globe. The title will be disputed in a total of 64 matches in 12 different venues located in 11 cities. The impact of the tournament, however, goes beyond the host nation. Alongside each of these squads are innumerable followers waiting to support them from the benches or miles away. Such is the case for Kore
Cheong-chun in Chuncheon

Travel Diary

Cheong-chun in Chuncheon AT LAST draws the end to another hectic semester of the weekly-18-hour lectures, jam-packed exam schedules, and the never-ending array of all-nighters. Squashed under the heavy load of responsibility and assignments, everyone eagerly awaits the first possible moment to disentangle and bounce away for the summer holidays. In hopes to rejuvenate my weary heart, I impulsively booked a ticket to Chuncheon, a city rich with the days of my innocent childhood. 6:00 a.m.: ITX Train My trip began early in the morning when I took the first train of the day. The only memory I had as a child regarding tra
Fresh, Funky, and Fearless

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Fresh, Funky, and Fearless MUSIC, TO the casual listener, may sometimes feel ingenuine. With radios cycling through what seems like the same few songs every thirty minutes, individuality and imaginative sound feel absent. However, outside of the realm of the *Billboard* Top 40s chart, which ranks the most popular songs at any given point in time, artists, specifically female artists, make waves with fresh, new sounds and push the boundaries of conventional genre. By embracing experimental styles, sexual sensationalism and emo-infused hip hop, female artists seek out their identities and unapologetically produce work tha
BOO HOO: The Spooks in Korea

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BOO HOO: The Spooks in Korea HAVE YOU ever felt a sudden chill swooping over you? Well, you¡¯re lucky that you¡¯re still alive! Korean myths say that these sudden chills mean that a ghost was hovering over you, seeking its chance to scare. In the hot summers of Korea, mythical creatures are often the heated topics of conversation, featuring numerous Korean TV shows and movies debut under nap-yang, meaning, ¡°seeking coolness to avoid the heat.¡± Korean ghosts and mythical creatures vary in their origins, characteristics, and appearances. So pull up your blanket and get ready for some goosebumps, because The Yonsei Annals will
We Need to Rectify Feminism in Korea


We Need to Rectify Feminism in Korea THE TERM ¡°feminism¡± is like a magnet that attracts immense controversy in South Korea. Public figures refrain from using the word at all to avoid backlash, especially after girl group members Irene and Son Na-eun were ¡°accused¡± of being feminists. The very fact that these K-pop idols were ¡°accused¡±—a word used for wrongdoings—for potentially being a feminist indicates the degree to which feminism is frowned upon in Korea. Korean people are afraid to be associated with feminism, because in today¡¯s society feminism is not simply viewed as a support of women¡¯s rights. The Korean socia