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Back to Our Childhood Days

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Back to Our Childhood Days WE EASILY overlook the significance of the Children¡¯s Day as we gradually stray away from our adolescent past. However, the Children¡¯s Day is meaningful in that it is a national holiday dedicated to welfare and rights of the children. It was first established to increase awareness on the basic rights of children, who were often neglected as unimportant members of society. In celebration of this special day, The Yonsei Annals asked several students about their most special memories during their childhood years. Shin Ji-won (Soph., Dept. of Dentistry)I started volunteering at a young age, influe
The New Trend: #Hanbokstagram

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The New Trend: #Hanbokstagram UPON VISITING the Gyeongbok Palace, you will spot many people wearing colorful, bell-shaped dresses, taking photos with their selfie sticks. These dresses are Korean traditional attire called hanbok, and it has not been long since wearing them has become a fad among young people. Just ten years ago, they were worn only during national holidays such as the Lunar New Year to celebrate Korean tradition; but now, hanboks have successfully claimed their place in every day attire and are considered a ¡°new, trendy fashion¡±. With the revival of hanbok, people are reassessing its significance in today¡¯
A Taste of Adventure

Travel Diary

A Taste of Adventure ¡°THERE IS no love sincerer than the love of food,¡± said George Bernard Shaw. Culinary traveling, the act of traveling to other countries to try their specialties, has recently become a trend. People have started to travel in search of the most famed and appetizing menus. From Vietnamese pho to Mexican tacos, and from French macarons to Egyptian kosharis, people are craving unique plates from all around the world. Fortunately, Itaewon offers a plethora of palatable menus from around the world, saving you from buying a plane ticket to enjoy a Turkish or Canadian dish. Turkey: Salam Bakery When m
Communication through Art


Communication through Art DIRECTOR AND art therapist of the Mogul Center, Park Jung-eun, has dedicated her entire career to provide means of communication for the disabled, especially those with autism. Her ways of communication are rather unconventional: she uses art. She specializes in art therapy because art provides an unconfined method of expression for those who have difficulty communicating with the outside world. Having lived in the United States and South Korea, Park had a glimpse of how people from different cultures communicate. She realized that South Korea lacked the facilities for the disabled, and thus c
The Healing and Injuring Effects of Sounds

Special Report

The Healing and Injuring Effects of Sounds HAVE YOU ever dozed off in class while your peer next to you was scribbling something on the notebook? Or have you ever felt a strange, tingling sensation as someone whispered into your ears? Sometimes, having white noise in the background has a more relaxing effect than having complete silence. In fact, for those who feel weary after a long tiresome day, listening to these trigger sounds may be the best therapy. Sounds have actually been utilized for remedial purposes since ancient times. Many Egyptian pyramids or Greek temples were constructed near rivers or seas, in order to provide visitor
Spring to Life

Voice on Campus

Spring to Life WITH THE warmth that thaws the frozen hearts of people, spring is just around the corner. In spring, people look forward to a new start. Indeed, the month of April is when the cherry blossoms bloom at their peak and when people get out of their homes for a nice little picnic. But what is spring without music? Let¡¯s look at what Yonseians recommended as their top choices for spring music. Ko Jong-hee (Sr., Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engin.)K-Will – ¡°Love Blossom¡±Beginning of spring is a good time for a fresh start. Many people had already made their resolutions for this budding season. In