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Dear My Love
Kim Jeong-ha Editor  |
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승인 2004.11.05  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

THIS MONTH, we got a letter from a reader.

Dear, Jeong-ha

I am sure I am falling in love with a guy. He is in the same lecture as me, but he does not seem to know me. One day, I dropped my purse on the floor in the classroom and he picked it up for me! At the moment when I saw his face, lightning flashed in my mind. Now I am so exhausted to love in vain. What can I do for now?

Leaping heart in Shinchon

   Oh, the girl is falling in love! Congratulations first, and you may find some methods to convey this message; "I love you." As he is not an acquaintance, a LOVE LETTER must be the best. Take up your pen and write down your confession on the paper frankly! Anyhow, it seems to be a good chance to find out Yonseians' experiences concerning love letters, right? So, for November's Enquete, the Yonsei Annals asked 100 Yonseians about their love confessions by "Love Letters." 

   At first, I am curious to know when Yonseians wrote love letters for the first time. So the Annals asked, When did you first declare your love for someone by a letter? 27 students picked "during an elementary school student". What did you write on the letter? It may be "I will buy you lots of chips you like if you marry me someday.", right? 22 respondents chose "during a high school student." Some adults might say like this, "Tut, tut! Still wet behind the ears!" However, they must have been jealous about their friends who had a boy or girl friend during high school students.

▲ When did you first declare your love for someone by a letter?

During an elementary school student 27
During a highschool student 22
During a junior highschool student 16
   There would be a reason to confess love through love letter among various methods. To figure this out, we asked Why did you use the letter to convey your love? 54 Yonseians answered, "because I am so shy to face him or her and say I like you." Sometimes, beautiful words can affect one's feeling more than a foolish saying. If someone comes and says " you, is it possible to be your boy or girl friend??", will you accept his or her proposal? 8 people selected "because I have good writing skills." Oh, do you? Then how many times did you write love letters? I know all the good skills are made by blood-and-tears endeavor!

   Now, you hold a pen and consider the first words to write carefully. Related to this, What words did you start the letter with? was asked. 23 students picked "I am OOO (your name)." Suppose you start the love letter without your name like this; "I saw you last night. You wore the white T-shirt and blue Jeans. You looked great as was expected. Please accept my love." It must make him or her shudder! And "The weather is perfect, isn't it?" was chosen by 19 people. However, when he or she gets a letter from you, the thunder could roll and rumble suddenly. It means even heaven does not allow your love! In this case, you had better give up a good response from the receiver.

   Now, you have to write something gorgeous in the text. Choosing what you are going to write down on a letter is not that easy and you may refer to useful resources. When asked What did you refer to when writing a love letter?, 47 Yonseians answered "I refer to nothing." In fact, are there any impressing words than just saying, "I love you."? Those words will stick in right through your lover's heart! There was one person who referred to maxim or proverb book. However, use them cautiously. Here is a bad example. "Hey, someone said love makes people blind. Everyone says that you are not good-looking but you are so great to me. How about going out with me, baby?" Needless to say, you will be dumped by him or her.

   Before finishing the letter, you must check if you missed any requisite in the letter or not. To help you out, we asked Yonseians What is the most important factor which affects the response of the receiver? 49 respondents answered "the romantic words." Do you mean such as, "If you want, I can pick a twinkling star in the sky for you"? 20 people picked "a style of handwriting." If you have a poor handwriting, no matter how pathetic your love is in the letter, he or she may think you wrote the letter insincerely without passion of love. However, 3 respondents suggested "traces of tears." If some tear does not come to your eyes, you can use some water drops instead of the real one!

   Now you have to deliver the letter to your love. Then, how? For the question, What do you think is the best way to convey your love letter? 23 picked "put it in the desk drawer or locker secretly." But you do not have to do that stealthily. The rumor will be spread out to the whole school in 30 minutes and everyone may come to know about your love and letter. One person said, "read it in front of him or her directly." You brim over with the confidence. You may read the letter like this with a resounding voice. "I have loved you since I saw you for the first time. Can you receive my emotion towards you?" You are so cool. He or she must be impressed!

   If you give the letter, the receiver will show you some response. So we asked, What was the receiver's reaction when he or she got a letter from you? 51 students answered "showed good response by answering the letter." In the reply, these kinds of words would be written. "I like you, too. I could not pluck up my courage to say it. I am so happy that you confessed to me first." Just thinking of that scene makes me so pleased~! 12 people had a heart breaking memory for this. "did not accept my heart saying "Thank you." It could be somewhat more crucial than just saying "I am sorry"

   Let's come back to the real world. Are you falling in love with someone now? For the question, Do you have someone you want to give a love letter to now? 56 people answered "No". I cannot believe you! Even I have someone I want to write a love letter to: Eric, Gang dong-won, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt...There are lots of handsome guys in the world!! For the following, 34 Yonseians said, "Yes". Then ready to write a love letter right now to get your share. 12 students wrote, "I do not know." Are you worried whether you really love him or her or not? Then, do as you feel, not your head orders!

▲ What do you think is the best thing you can give with a love letter?

CD on which love songs are recorded 34
some chocolate or candy 25
a rose 13
   Love letter is great by itself, but it will be more effective to add something to it. I mean, the present! What is the best? When What do you think is the best thing you can give with the love letter? was asked, 34 respondents answered "CD on which beautiful love songs are recorded." "You are so beautiful~ to me~(It is a part of the song, "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker)" Who cannot be addicted to the person to listen to this! 4 Yonseians selected, "a thousand paper cranes". This is the true power of love!! Have you ever folded the paper to make at least 100 cranes by yourself? You cannot make them without lumbago, dull eyes and temper.

   Lastly, What was Yonseians' ace words in the love letter to get an affirmative response from the receiver? A huge fan of Shinhwa wrote, "You look like Shin Hye-sung (a handsome guy of the idol group, Shinhwa)!" Praising could be a method. Anyway, is it true that he looks like Shin Hye-sung? Then, I would like to see him! Another wrote, "I have not slept since I saw you." We can say that when seeing a person who is good-looking or has a marked individuality on his or her face. Someone wrote, "Do you go to school without skipping meals?" Be not embarrassed even if the receiver answers like this. "Sure, papa! Do not worry about me!"

   Love letter is worth writing. It gives you courage to deliver difficult words to be said face to face and beautiful memories for your entire life. But what is the most valuable thing that you can attain from it is a mature attitude towards love. Do not be shy. Hold a pen. Only courageous people can take the love. He or she may wait for your love letter right now. It will make your love start with a romantic method. Good luck to you all! 

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What do you think is the best way to deliver a love letter?

put it in the desk drawer or locker secretly 23
fit it in the receiver's book I borrowed 19
deliver it through my friend 14

What was the receiver's reaction when he or she got a letter from you?

showed good response by answering the letter 51
did not accept my heart saying "Thank you" 12
avoided me 7