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승인 2004.11.05  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

1. It is strictly prohibited to find personal ___________ from the national data-base. (Social Scope)

2. In Korea, there are ___ official graduate schools of interpretation and translation. (Guideline)

3. The new course retaking system limit to students who received a _____ under D. (Cover Story)

4. Prof. Tsche Chong-kil's corpse was found on October ________th, 1972. (Minority Report)

5. Which country had an image of a little prince on its currency? (International)

6. Some universities introduced the deleting unit ______. (Cover Story)

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Thank you for your Attention^^
(2005-03-06 21:20:25)

Is it right?
I'm your friend from China.
I have enjoyed reading Yonsei Annals very much.
Happy Birthday !!!

(2004-11-07 19:24:04)
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