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승인 2004.11.30  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

THE FIRST 2004 Global Fair sponsored by the Yonsei Global, was held in the Global Lounge from Nov. 3 to 5. The festival included various kinds of events, which introduced Asian culture.

On the first day, there was an Asian film fair. The Global Lounge showed many Asian countries' films. On the second day, human board game and tea party were held.  Yonseians and exchange students enjoyed the games together and learned about the countries and cultures of Asia through the games. On the last day of the fair, there was the Asia fashion show and Karaoke party. At the Asia fashion show, Yonseians and exchange student models showed traditional Asian costumes. Audience could try on the costumes afterwards. Also, participants could experience the Korean Karaoke culture together at the Karaoke party.

"The purpose of this festival is to offer the Yonseians and the exchange students an opportunity to get together and learn about various cultures," said Kim Na-ryung, team manager of the Dept. of Culture of Yonsei Global. "The festival was really impressive. The best thing was that students could participate in the events directly, such as wearing costumes, playing board games and etc." said Noh Eun-jung (Fresh., Area of Science).

The Yonsei Global is planning to have the Global Fair every semester from now on, each time having a topic on different  continents. The defaults made at the 2004 Global Fair, the first of it's kind, will help improve upcoming Global Fairs. 

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