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승인 2004.11.30  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

"HYAP!!!!" A powerful yell is coming from a gymnasium. At the moment, a female student is throwing a man down. Is she a judo athlete? No, she is just a common student in Yonsei Univ. She is practicing "Self Defence" in the class.

The "Self Defence" (UCL1108/ one-credit/ elective major subject) is a course teaching the basic skills to protect oneself from aggressors. The professors in the Dept. of Physical Education supervise the classes at the judo hall in the gym. The grades are evaluated by practical test (60%), participation (30%) and reports about self defence theory (10%).

In the first week of the course, students learn theory through a textbook. During the rest of the semester, they do physical training. The class begins with a fun game and then reviews activities learned in the last class as a way of warming up. The main curriculum is divided into the break falls, defence and attack parts. In particular, students learn how to cope with someone grabbing their hands or forcing them down from behind.

Lee Na-ri (Fresh., Area of Social Studies) says, "Though I suffered from muscle pains due to over exercising at first, I could learn what to do in dangerous situations, and also build up my strength through the class." "I hope students keep on doing the self defence to make their skills useful in daily life rather than regard it as only an experience in the class," says Kim Jin-duk (Prof., Dept. of Physical Education).

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. In this circumstance, an ability to cope with dangers is needed for sure. Now, it is time to protect myself with my own hands. By taking the "Self Defence" course, you will be able to find confidence inside yourself.

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