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Let's Be Happy at Christmas!
Oh Ye-sun Editor-in-Chief  |
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승인 2004.11.30  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

ALTHOUGH IT is the season of bitter cold, we flutter and look forward to  December because of this day. What is the day? Of course, it is Christmas. On Christmas day, however, many people worry and wonder what they have to do. To give them helpful advice, The Yonsei Annals asked Yonseians how they spend their Christmas happily.



Han Man-hwi (Fresh., Area of Social Studies)
I can feel the Christmas atmosphere the most in croweded streets. Places such as Myoung-dong, Daehak-ro, and City Hall Plaza are the main spots which I recommend. Last year, I went to Daehak-ro with my girl friend. We strode along the street dressed in Rudolph costumes including bright red noses and antlers. This event has left a strong impression in my Christmas memories. This year, I plan to enjoy Christmas in Myoung-dong or the City Hall Plaza.



Kang Woo-jin (Sr., Col. of Bus. & Econ.)
In my case, I usually go out to take pictures of beautiful Christmas trees. I think only photos that I took under the trees can remind me of good memories even after the Christmas season. So, from a few years ago, I began to visit places renown for its beautiful trees and have taken pictures with my friends. There are so many places with very beautiful trees in Seoul. Each department store displays their own glorious trees. Myoung-dong Catholic Church, college campuses and amusement parks also feature huge Christmas trees. Though it is difficult to visit all the places in a day, going to take pictures at two or three of the places can give you the best memories.


Choi Jong-hyeok (Fresh., Area of Liberal Arts)
In the winter, many people wish for snow. In particular, snow at Christmas doubles our pleasure. As almost all people do, I also want a white Christmas. However, as you know, it rarely snows at Christmas. So, I recommend going to a ski resort and spending time in the snow. At a ski resort, you can enjoy exciting events such as tree decoration contests and create a joyful atmosphere in the cabin with your favorite Christmas music. 



Baek hyung-min (Soph., Dept. of Econ.)
Among all, the best way to spend an exciting Christmas is having a Christmas party with some friends. Korea has no party culture for this season like the other countries, so people may feel awkward hosting a party. However, if we prepare just a little bit, we can also have a nice party. First of all, get together with six or seven friends at anybody's home, and each of them prepare some delicious food. For example, one can bring chicken, another can bring barbecue meat and others can bring different dishes according to the number of attendees. In this way, when everyone gets together, you can have a rich buffet. Then enjoy yourselves by playing board games and decorating small trees. If you have enough food, visiting old people and sharing the food with them would also be an effective way to spend your Christmas.


Hong Sun-young (Fresh., Area of Social Studies)
Everyone thinks that they have to go shopping or watch movies on Christmas day. However, in my opinion, traveling to a place near-by would be a nice alternative. Last year, I went to Jungdongjin and saw the sun rise on Christmas morning. I was able to feel a unique Christmas atmosphere, different from that in the city. The calm atmosphere made me feel as if it was a Christmas of my own. These days, travel sites such as Jungdongjin, Nam-i Island, and the east coast offer Christmas events for its travelers. It will be a more memorable trip than any other because of the unusual experiences.


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