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승인 2004.11.30  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

WHENEVER WE watch a movie, we feel an intimacy with the subtitles on the screen. Where does that intimacy come from? If you pay a little attention to a style of the letters those subtitles are typed in, you can find the reason easily. Most of the movies you watch use the same font, taenamu. The creator of this font is Kim Tae-jung (`80, Dept. of Electronic Engin.) who is running "Tae System" now. The Yonsei Annals met him on Nov. 11, and talked about his life story.

Kim Tae-jung is a chairman of the "Tae System". He began his business after returning from studying in the U.S. to develop the computer industry in Korea. At first he started with two desks but now the business has expanded to a bigger company, which mainly offers consulting services about Internet and various web services connected to online community and educational websites. Working in the computer field, he realized the need to develop a font for computer usage. At that time, nobody sold and bought fonts, and if someone wanted to use a letter, he had to make it by himself. To solve this problem, he created the font with two other designers, and it became a small part of his business, "Tae Screen Letter". Now, it is one of the most famous works and he created about 300 types of letters. "Taenamu has dominated in the subtitle market for over ten years, and now people feel unfamiliar when they see other style of font on subtitles. I really did not predict that this  style of letter would be a hit. It is worthwhile that the letter I made received great affect from the public and has been used for a long time," says Kim. He adds that he is proud of his work, because he has contributed to the cultural industry by creating the font, taenamu. 

He emphasizes that the key of his success is relationships with people. At first he started with his two companions, and he made a big deal in three months. If it were not for the help of those two designers, Kim Tae-soo and Kim Hwa-bok, he might not have created various styles of letters. After that, he could sell them through his network that he had made throughout his life. "I met many good people during my lifetime. If you treat someone sincerely, he/she will also responds to you with a true heart," says Kim.

During his days at Yonsei, he tried to make relationships with various people regardless of their major. As a university student, he was a member of a band named "Sky, Wind, Stars, and Poem". It was a joint  band of Col. of Engin. and Bus., so he met many friends and seniors through this activity. In 1981, the band advanced to a final selection of Kangbyun Song Festival and its song was popular among university students at that time. He also met his wife in Yonsei Univ. and it is one of the most valuable memories for him in his campus life. Kim recalls his campus life and says, "There was no romance in my campus life, because of the constant police presence in the campus under a military dictatorship in those days. However, if someone asks me what the most memorable thing in my campus life was, my answer is always relationships with various people."

He advises Yonseians, both as a graduate of Yonsei Univ. and senior in life. "Study is a basic obligation of a student. I believe all Yonseians know that already. So, I would like to give you two more pieces of advice. Meet various people and keep challenging!" He deplores the fact that students select their major and college just according to their grades on the KSAT (Korea Scholastic Aptitude Test), not according to their aptitude. Under this circumstance, students cannot adjust to their campus life and are bound to lose interest in their daily lives. "It is important to find your aptitude during your university days. Challenge your life and accumulate various experiences when you are young. Then, find out what you are good at and what you are interested in! If you fear change, you cannot improve yourself. I hope Yonseians can change themselves and finally, find true ego."

Now he is mainly concerned with developing software, but as a commemorative event he is planning to release about 40 types of new style letters, which are not yet available to the public. Through his good impression and kind attitude, I could realize how he made many friends during his life. I hope many Yonseians can find the treasure of life at Yonsei Univ. 

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