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We All Have Our WishesWhat Yonseians wish to do before they graduate
Choi Ka-bin  |
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승인 2014.06.01  21:42:23
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IT SEEMS that becoming a university student means a lot for the students in Yonsei. After overcoming fierce competition to get into a prestigious university, many look forward to experiencing the “freedom” they had been eager for, during their high school years. As university students, some Yoseians travel overseas, some do volunteer work, and some apply for business internships, or other activities. In this month’s issue, The Yonsei Annals took a look into the things that Yonseians want to do during their college years and asked them the reason why they wish to be engaged in such activities.

 1. Yoo Yu-jung (Jr., Dept. of Chinese Language & Lit.)
There are many things I want to do before I graduate, but my main wish is to direct a play on my own, which, interestingly is now becoming a reality. My dad, who also studied Chinese Language and Lit. during his college years, highly recommended me to act in a play. Affected by his suggestion, I acted in a play performed in Chinese during my freshman year. Although the whole process was tough, it was immensely rewarding. When I was a sophomore, I participated in a play once again as an assistant-director. Yet it is finally, this year, that I come to direct a play in Chinese, on my own. Since I am a junior, and this would be my last chance to direct a play, I will do my best with no regrets. I would like to advise all Yonseians to grab a chance and act in a play before they graduate.

2. Jung Na-eun (Soph., Dept. of Physics)
I am most interested in travelling alone. Most people, especially female students, usually go on trips with their family or friends, rather than traveling alone. However, during last winter, I visited several destinations in Korea by myself. I talked with complete strangers and even tried famous local dishes amongst strangers. The most interesting yet challenging aspect during my trip was that I had to do everything on my own – from booking accommodations online to choosing the final destinations. Nevertheless, it was all a refreshing and new experience. Experiences of this kind – taking some time for myself – lead to self-realization and granted me with unforgettable memories. I wish I could have another chance to go on a trip alone before I leave college. Travelling gives us rest and energy to keep going on. So, if you want a short yet meaningful break from your hectic routine, just leave now!

3. Jang Soo-yeon (Fresh, Dept. of English Language & Lit.)
What I really want to do before I graduate is regular volunteering activities. I started volunteer work in junior high with my friends – sorting mail, cleaning, educational activities, mentoring for multicultural families, services for the disabled, etc. There are many values that we can easily forget through our busy lives, like consideration for others, cooperation, responsibility and zest for life. Therefore, volunteering reminds me of those values and often helps me better understand myself. Although I still participate in volunteering regularly, however, when I ask myself whether I truly did it from my heart, it is not easy to answer immediately. I expect to realize the true meaning of volunteering by putting others before myself someday, while continuing to volunteer during my years in Yonsei.

4. Kim Seon-ju (Soph., Dept. of Business Admin.)
I truly want to find an interesting hobby that can help me relieve my stress, whenever I am overwhelmed by pressure. Since I do not have any particular hobbies, I usually surf on the Internet or check my SNS when I have spare time. However, I have been wondering whether I was spending my time wisely, for quite a long time. Of course, in order to figure out what I like and do the best, I participated in many activities, including playing guitar, by guitar clubs, a dance club, participating in an academic society, and even trying ballet. Now, however, even though I am trying to enjoy those activities to the fullest, I want to find a specific hobby, which I can truly enjoy freely. If my hobby happens to be connected to my future career, it would be the most satisfactory scenario.

5. Gu Won-ji (Soph., Dept. of Chemistry)
It might sound a bit sad to some, but I want to experience true love before I graduate. Early twenties is a time when we can fall in love without worries and without considering external factors, such as one’s family, educational or cultural background. Even though I do not have an obsession about going out, I unconsciously feel lonely watching couples around campus. Walking hand in hand, studying together at the central library, and eating tteckbokki on the road would be so much fun. Just the thought of it makes my heart flutter. In high school, teachers often told us that once we enter university, everyone will eventually find his/her perfect partner. Now, even though, I realized that it was all a lie, I still have some hope. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend means that there is always someone whom I can rely upon and share my difficulties with. I expect to find someone to become part of my college memories.

6. Cho Hyo-bin (Soph., Dept., of Russian Language & Lit.)
Since I did not have a chance to join school clubs in high school, I really want to participate in one during my years at Yonsei. However, as soon I entered university, I had no choice but to live in YIC and thus, had difficulties visiting Sinchon every week simply for club activities. Now that I am back at Sinchon, however, I would love to find a club that could help me find out what I would like to do after I graduate. Except for hanging out with friends or studying, I would like to figure out what I am interested in and good at. Also the opportunity to socialize with people with common interests and various backgrounds could be another merit of joining a club. Even though I have not found a club that fully satisfies my expectations yet, I hope to join one soon.


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