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BriefingMay, 2014
The Yonsei Annals  |
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승인 2014.06.02  21:39:33
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

Student Joint Demonstration for Education

 On April, 2, 2014, Students’ Joint Action for the Improvement of Education Rights at Yonsei University was held at Baekyang-ro, with about 2,000 students participating. As the representative of students, 51st Student’s Union, Solution, delivered its proposals for educational rights to the university. The proposal include: abolishing the current 3-time restriction on retaking classes – from students who enter the university in 2013, rejecting the assessment items of the university ranking system which leads to excessive competition among students, and preparing specific policies for general improvement of the educational environment and school system.

Regarding the general improvement of the educational environment and school system, specific requirements were as listed: (1) reforming the course registration system to meet the actual demands of the students for compulsory classes, as well as ensuring a variety in compulsory classes. (2) expanding the application of the absolute grading system, since the current absolute grading system is applied to only a few classes. (3) increasing the number of professors for each major, as the current student-faculty ratio is relatively high. (4) encouraging English courses only if it is necessary for the course itself, while abolishing the mandatory opening of English courses. (5)increasing the number of shuttle buses between Sinchon campus and International campus for better educational rights of students.

Currently, 51st Students’ Union, Solution and the university are still negotiating to reflect the students’ requirements. Solution added that they hope the school realized the need to improve students’ educational rights, through this Joint Action on April, 2, 2014, and that the school does its best to improve students’ educational rights, coming up with practical plans as soon as possible. Now, there is a keen interest on whether the school finally accepts the demands of the student.


Dedication ceremony of the Phase 1-2B

             The dedication ceremony of the Phase 1-2B of Yonsei International Campus (YIC) was held on the 3rd of April. The phase 1-2B consists of the completion of Wisdom Hall C, Songdo Dormitory II and the deck parking lot. Wisdom Hall C is consisted of study rooms, seminar rooms and space for other various RC Programs that will be held in the future. The deck parking lot under the Songdo Dormitory II is large enough to hold 500 cars. With the completion of these buildings, the YIC now has a total of 23 buildings. The phases of YIC began with 1-1, which was completed in March of 2010, with ten buildings and an underground parking lot. The next phase, 1-2A, was completed in February of 2013, with seven more buildings and another parking lot. Thus, Phase 1-2B, was the most recent phase completed at the YIC, with Phase 1-3 to be followed. The ceremony was carried out with a couple hymns and prayer, architectural report, dedication and a word of greetings.



The grand opening of the Yonsei Cancer Center

           The newly constructed Yonsei Cancer Center located next to Sinchon Severance Hospital received its first patient on April 14. A 15-story building with 510 beds alone, the Yonsei Cancer Center is biggest in scale among all the cancer centers in Korea. It is not only the big scale that Yonsei Cancer Center is special for. Compared to earlier centers with only three to four clinics, Yonsei Cancer Center has 15 specialty clinics, including Liver Cancer Clinic, Esophageal Cancer Clinic and Pediatric Cancer Clinic. According to the publicity video posted on Yonsei University Health System website, the cancer center is and will continue to expand its specialty clinics in order to include some of the most common cancers found in Koreans, as well as those commonly found in Westerners. In addition to the specialty clinics, several other centers, such as Cancer Prevention Center and Cancer Knowledge Information Center were newly established to provide an upgraded Total Care Service to the patients. Using an Integrated Treatment System, a system where medical specialists from various fields collaborate to provide a customized plan, the Total Care Service seeks to provide patients with the best individual treatment possible.

Furthermore, the Yonsei Cancer Center is unique in that it plans on improving “Patient Experience,” a new paradigm in cancer treatment, by reducing discomfort a patient feels during his or her stay at the hospital. The medical staff will be encouraged not to draw blood or take X-rays during the nighttime so that patients can take deeper rests. Also, patients will also be able to enjoy their visit or stay at the cancer center by spending time in convenience facilities, such as the garden on the rooftop, or the well-being cafeteria on the seventh floor. Having been established in 1969 as the first cancer center in Korea, the Yonsei Cancer Center will continue to play its role as the First and the Best in the field of cancer treatment.

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