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Day and Night of the Gwanggyo Lake ParkHarmony of opposite beauty in one scene
Kim Da-ye  |
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승인 2014.09.06  19:54:20
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
SEPTEMBER IS the month with cool evening breezes, blue skies, and nice weather to go for a picnic. If it is difficult to choose between enjoying the city life and the peaceful environment, then Gwanggyo Lake Park, located in Hadong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, is the place where you can enjoy both of them. Itwas once a reservoir, and then was rebuilt as a lake park in 2013 while conserving its original value as a reservoir. In 2014,the park won “The best scenery of South Korea” which rewarded by the government. Yet the park encompasses not only natural scenery but also modern and urban scene, for it aims to be an “Urban Levee,” a new concept that suggests both artificial and natural at the same time.
A day at the Gwanggyo Lake Park
Gwanggyo Lake Park consists of two big lakes; Woncheon Lake and Sindae Lake. AroundWoncheon Lake, you can enjoy various activities and amenities such as rock climbing and a swimming pool. Six fountains are among the most popular facilities in Gwanggyo Lake Park. These fountains are especially famous for their unique names; one is named as “The Mysterious Moolnermi,” which means “Mysterious fountain” in Korean. It spouts the water not only from the ground, but from the every side of walls too. If you are to see this wonderful fountain, you should be aware of the operating time; it only operates between 10:00-17:00.
Unlike Woncheon Lake which has more artificial entertaining facility, Sindae Lake gives you a chance to enjoy the nature itself. 1.6km of trails surrounded by pine trees offer a perfect environment for walking.  Breathing in the scent of pine, you can feel yourself released from all the stresses that have been pressing you. Since the redesign of Sindae Lake has successfully restored the ecosystem of the reservoir by preserving the lake as same as possible with reservoir, you may see many pleasant scenes such as white herons catching fish
Night at Gwanggyo Lake Park
Whereas daytime at Gwanggyo Lake Park gives you a chance to enjoy the green and natural landscapes, nighttime at Gwanggyo Lake Park provides totally different scenery. As the sky darken, the bridges and sidewalks at Gwanggyo Lake Park light up with four different colors. The purple, blue, green, and red lights color the water and create a magical atmosphere as you walk through the lake park. Especially, you should not miss the night view of the bridges at Woncheon Lake. The fabulous lights on the bridges, harmonized with the city views of Suwon and its reflection on the lake, create an impressive scene you will never forget. You should also not miss walking through“Café Street,” located just beside Gwanggyo Lake Park. The open terraces of restaurants are perfect to enjoy a romantic sunset and a delicious meal.
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The strains of academic pressures and personal relationships often leave us needing time to refresh ourselves. With contrasting yet harmonizing views of the natural environment and the urban cityscape, Gwanggyo Lake Park offers a unique space to release the stresses and burdens of everyday life and become recharged.


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