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Album: Beginning of the Long Journey

The album Beginning of the Long Journey is Epitone Projects mini album, which was released on Feb. 24, 2009. Epitone Project is an electronic music group with one composer, Cha Se-jung; and is currently one of the hottest groups on the indie scene. Through this album, Epitone Project attracted the publics attention and sold more than twenty thousand albums without any publicity. This album is also well known for having songs with sensational melodies that bring together pure passion and dazzling sentimentality. Especially, one of the songs on the album, Spring, cherry blossoms and you is made up of a melody without lyrics, representing the pure love of the past spring. Springtime, especially the month of April, is when a variety of pretty flowers bloom brightly, strongly exuding the vitality and sweetness of spring. Along with the beautiful scenery around campus, readers can feel the atmosphere of the new spring season through this album, creating the perfect atmosphere of beautiful spring days and love.


Movie: Flipped

The movie Flipped, first shown in 2010, depicts a story of first love between two teenagers, Bryce and Juli. The movie starts as the seven-year-old boy Bryce moves to the house across from Julis. Juli falls in love with Bryce at first sight and tries hard to express her feelings toward him. Bryce, however, who has nothing to show off except for his attractive appearance regards Juli as a threat and pushes her away. For six years, Juli continues to demonstrate her love toward Bryce, who continues to run away from her. Juli’s one-way love towards Bryce flipped after six years of their relationship. The movie expresses a story of warm and exciting first love that resembles the pleasant weather of spring. At the same time, through how Juli and Bryce discover their feelings toward each other, viewers will be able to learn that love can help people find their true self, as well as the genuine value of others. Also, this movie will provide an opportunity to look back on first love and mature to the next step, accompanied by bittersweet feelings.


TV Program: Spring Waltz

Spring Waltz is a drama aired by the Korean broadcasting station KBS2 from March 6, 2006 to May 16, 2006, with 20 episodes. It is also the fourth and final installment of director Yoon Seok-ho's season-themed Endless Love series: Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata and Summer Scent. One of the factors that distinguish this drama from other season-themed dramas is that new actors and actresses, unlike the other three, played the main characters in the drama. This series is based on the love story of Yoon Jae-ha and Park Eun-young who have totally different characteristics: one being selfish and particular, while the other being cheerful and bright. One day, Yoon Jae-ha, who had been living a life isolated from society, meets Park Eun-young, who embodies a lovely spring atmosphere that gradually permeates his once desolate life. Readers who are dreaming of their own pure love would definitely enjoy watching this drama, as it deals with a beautiful love story that touches ones heart like buds sprouting through the frost. Moreover, as the title of the TV program indicates, its main theme is spring and thus it focuses on showing the beautiful scenery of spring.


Book:Camellia Flower

Camellia Flower is a Korean short story by Kim Yoo-jung, published in May 1936. Kim is a famous Korean novelist who attended Yonsei University. The story deals with the relationship between I and Jum-soon. Readers often misunderstand the camellia flower, which is both the title and an important section of the story, as a red flower that can be seen in the Southern part of Korea during the winter season. Actually, the camellia flower is the spicebushs yellow flower that blooms at the beginning of spring, in March. Camellia Flower is regarded as a major piece of Kims literature as it succeeded in portraying Korean traditional humor, haehak, through the use of dialects, colloquial language and profanity. The story takes place in a mountainous village in Gangwondo, and its protagonists are I and Jum-soon, who are both 17 years old. Considering the fact that men aged over 20 were usually considered as old bachelors by then, both characters were old enough to think of marriage. The plot of the story develops as it focuses on Jum-soon, who keeps displaying her affection toward I, and I, who has no idea what Jum-soons behavior toward him is all about. This short story reminds readers of the reality of rural areas in Korea during the 1930s and their innocence. Furthermore, this story may be especially meaningful for students who have studied abroad and find this short story unfamiliar because they can learn about classic Korean literature as well as feel the warm and fresh atmosphere of spring.


Play: Between Love and Friendship

The two main characters in the play, Jae-hak and Sang-hoon, are best friends who have spent all 12 school years together. One day, a girl named Min-hee, who is regarded as the prettiest girl in their high school, appears before Jae-hak and Sang-hoon, who have always regarded friendship as the most important value in their lives. Sang-hoon sees Min-hee and falls in love with her at first sight. He goes through many difficulties in order to meet Min-hee and asks Jae-hak to help him date her. Due to Sang-hoons request, Jae-hak goes to the meeting place for the sake of Sang-hoon, but Jae-hak and Min-hee start to have feelings for each other. Jae-hak has a hard time deciding between love and friendship, and as a consequence the three of them grow apart. Years later, the three of them meet all together for the first time at the alumni meeting and the story officially begins. Not only is the plot interesting, but also the use of memory-stirring music, mostly popular songs from the 1980s and 90s, will satisfy people’s desire to wallow in nostalgia. Anyone who is currently engaged in a romantic relationship or wants to start a loving relationship will feel able to enjoy this play. This beautiful spring, with the warm breeze and beautiful flowers, why not watch Between Love and Friendship with your lover?

Date: Feb.06, 2015 ~ May 31, 2015

Price: 30,000

Place: Timesquare Kids & Keys small theater


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