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Not Just Any SpringThe enchanting spring of April
Kim Ji-sun  |
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승인 2015.04.01  19:27:49
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Not Just Any Spring

The enchanting spring of April

 April, the beginning of spring, is enchanting. The once merely frigid air now carries the sweet scent of spring, with an ambiguous temperature that encompasses both the cold and warm breezes. No matter how mundane or neglectful an object may look or feel, everything transforms with the magic of spring. With the rich and colorful spring scenery, the falling raindrops resemble a youngster’s wistful tears. Spring in April is different because it marks the ending of winter and the beginning of spring - hence the irony of the cold wind and warm sun, the empty field surrounded by bright colors and the mixed feelings of excitement and hesitation. Spring, not just any spring, but April spring- it is a blend of so many impressions.


   Spring is the season of flowers. After enduring the long, cold winter, buds begin to sprout from under the ground to the tops of trees. Colors change from brown to green. As so, flowers are not just beautiful for their stunning appearance or fragrance but also for their strong will that has pedaled those to wait and endure the cold winter then finally bloom into a bright and beautiful flower.


   The season is full of live energy. As if spurting out all its energy that was once reserved during the recessed season, lives flounce and squirm around everywhere in sight. And birds are the first to enjoy the spring breeze, as they fly and dance around the air. A scent of romance sprouts from the fluttering of joy that is now a new beginning. And this telltale happiness creates just the right mood for the beginning of the season.


   However, the feeling that April spring gives us is not always related to happiness. Still full of fallen leaves and other winter remnants, the spring fields are empty and desolate—reinforcing a mood that has lingered since last winter. As you stand in an empty field by yourself, even more because of the contrast with the bright and cheerful ‘spring’ that you easily expect, you may feel destitute and isolated, left alone and out.


   When the cold air meets the warm window, a fog is created- preventing us from seeing the outside. This feeling of uncertainty clearly conveys spring in April, the beginning of a new season, and like all beginnings we do not know what will come next. In April, as well, we do not know what will happen the rest of this year. The world is unsure, just like our future, and the spring in April.

*                 *                 *

   No matter the occasional solitude, things in spring are still bright. The high and dazzling spring sky gives us hopes and dreams, and shines with every step we take. We are never alone and never withering in our own stories. The spring of April encompasses so many feelings and impressions. No matter how distinctive and complex, it tells us one message; that we have survived the long, cold winter again. In April comes *not just any spring*, but *an enchanting* spring.





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