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Kim Dae-jung and Future Leaders in Yonsei
Chang Jung-eun Reporter  |
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승인 2005.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
FORMER PRES. Kim Dae-jung came to Yonsei Univ.'s Col. of Bus. and Econ. as a keynote speaker of the 24th Leadership Lecture held on Feb. 2. Co-hosted by NEAN (Northeast Asian Network) and Yonsei Leadership Center, this lecture focused on Northeast Asia's youth leadership.
A Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Kim emphasized cooperation among Northeast nations, especially with North Korea. He highlighted the importance of North Korea's relations with the United States. "The North will give up nuclear weapons if it can improve its relations with America," he said. Moreover, Kim talked about future leadership in order to establish a Northeast Asian community. He stressed poverty and disease as key issues. "As future leaders, you must solve these prior to any other matters," Kim stated. Kim constantly enthralled the crowd with laughter with his sense of humor and brightened up the atmosphere throughout his lecture. "I had expected this lecture to be really serious, but it was really fun and enjoyable," says Cho Sung-min (Soph., Area of Social Studies). "We believed that Kim Dae-jung was the most appropriate for this lecture, and that the students learned much from him," says Yang Seung-ham (Head of Yonsei Leadership Center). The Leadership Center will provide Yonsei students more opportunities to meet with prominent leaders in society.
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