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Healthy From WithinAchieving inner beauty via juices
Choi Ye-seon  |
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승인 2015.10.08  16:48:56
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The BEAUTY trend to follow nowadays is “inner beauty.” As people have started to care more about what they eat and how it affects what they look like, inner beauty became highly popular. Many beauty programs are now broadcasting the benefits of healthy juices such as detox juice and green juice to promote this notion. Moreover, shops selling healthy foods are gaining commercial supremacy and vigorously opening shops on main streets. The trend is evident around every corner. Inner beauty can be achieved in numerous ways. One of them is through drinking healthy juices. In this article, three different healthy juice recipes with ingredients that can be bought and found easily in Korea will be introduced. Consuming vegetables and fruits regularly can be a hassle for busy contemporaries. However, the healthy juices introduced here are easy to make and even easier to drink!
Kale Banana Juice
One of the trendiest vegetables getting spotlight from vegetarians and the people living healthy lifestyles alike is kale. Kale started to get recognition when the *U.S. Times* announced it as one of the ten super foods in the world. Moreover, kale is so low in calories and full of nutrients that the World Health Organization (WHO) appraised it as the “best vegetable.” Kale is an ancestor of cabbage, and many vegetables known to be healthy, including broccoli and cauliflower, are genetic improvements of kale. Among all foods, kale has the highest beta-carotene content, which is beneficial for lowering risks of cancer. Physiologically, Kale is effective in cleaning the intestine, increasing metabolism, and creating new cells. However, kale is a green vegetable with a bitter taste. In order to enjoy Kale in a more pleasant way, blend it with a banana. Adding it will make the juice sweeter and softer.
Celery Pineapple Juice
Celery is a vegetable we can encounter commonly. However, it brings benefits that we cannot easily form in our body. It helps cause a diuretic effect, which speeds up the emission of the stacked sodium in our body. Taking into consideration that many Korean foods are high in sodium, celery should be consumed regularly. Celery also helps the emission of the carcinogenic substances made in the large intestine, during the process of intestinal regulation. This process cures and prohibits constipation and slows aging. Moreover, for people who are busy all day, celery is especially recommended for its nerve stabilizing and fatigue recovery effects. Due to its strong smell, some might have trouble eating it solely. Combining celery with pineapples will take care of the strong smell and make the juice sweeter than ever.
Beet Apple Juice
Strong purplish red color of the beet will stimulate one’s appetite and make the dining table beautiful. Beet is a vegetable that is especially good for anemia because it is full of folic acid and iron. Additionally, beet helps the creation of interstitial cells, improving the function of the liver. It also lowers blood pressure and prevents adult diseases. Mixture of beet and apple will enhance the texture and the freshness of the juice. Moreover, the green apple is in season at fall and is abundant in vegetable fiber. The fiber stimulates bowel movement, which helps with both digestion and constipation.
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The easiest way to achieve a healthy life style in a tightly packed schedule is through healthy juices. Choose a juice from those introduced above, taking into consideration what your body needs. Drink healthy juices on a regular basis, and you will experience a healthy change from within. Always remember that “real” beauty starts inside. Get your mixer ready, throw in those fruits and vegetables, and let’s get healthy and beautiful!
* Box
Super Foods

Super foods refer to the foods that are low in sugar and salt, but with abundant nutrients and antioxidant effects, which prevent aging. The 10 super foods selected by the *U.S. Times* are almond, blueberry, broccoli, sweet pumpkin, brown soy bean, kale, salmon, and yogurt. Eat these super foods along with the healthy juices! 

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