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The Art of Nature: Radiance by the HoursAppreciating the assortment of lightscapes throughout the day
Kim Yu-jin  |
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승인 2015.10.08  16:58:28
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
TEDIOUS DAYS repeat, exhausting people with their dullness. However, with just a little bit of attention, the days will no longer be as monotonous as before. If they pay attention to the subtle changes in light and color around them as time ticks by, a single day can show them several unique worlds depending on the hour. The world provides people with a myriad of nature’s art work drawn by diverse shades of light.
   The cold, grey light of dawn may not be as powerful or charming as the light during noon or evening, but it seems just as special because it marks the beginning of a new day. People advance onwards when the night finally passes and everything that had been shrouded by the dark shows its appearance once again. The café door, gradually revealing its pastel color, which had been hidden by the black veil, reminds people of the serene mood and fresh air of daybreak.
   The morning sunlight shines through the window and wakes people up with its brightness. The radiant white light which pours in through the crack of the window tickles them with its warmth, making them anticipate the upcoming day’s events.
   A park at noon is tranquil except for the sounds of chirping birds and rustling trees. The powerful glare of the noon sun accentuates all the colors in the world as more dazzling than before. Among the pool of strong hues, the serene blue, cool green and sultry red surely stand out the most. The green leaves, boasting their emerald colors, sway with the gentle breeze. Above them, the sky flaunts its crystal clear blue. The three colors at noon mingle together to create the perfect picture.
   As the sun begins to set, it grows larger and brighter in a deep orange tone. When the sun hangs on the branches of a tree, the auburn glow gushes out from the gaps. Watching the serene ginger light permeate the atmosphere, one is given a chance to take a short break and relish in the fact that one’s daily tasks are almost over.
   The evening sky dyes itself in numerous colors - yellow, orange, red, blue, and more. The gradation in the sky changes by the minute and before long, people are cloaked by the gloom. People become sentimental while looking at the light that fades so quickly from sight. The fleeting light reminds them of the inescapable swiftness of time, as well as their childhood days when their mothers called them back inside as the sun faded over the horizon.
   The city remains awake deep into the night. Rather, the artificial lights illuminate the streets and sparkle with vivacity. In these streets, floodlit with neon lights that cannot be found in the morning, people blend in with the energy and vitality overflowing under the dark sky. On the other side, they can also feel the mystery and calm of the nightfall under the subdued light of the streetlamp.
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   Everyone has a particular favorite time of the day. Some like to assure themselves of their goals in life while watching the break of dawn. Others might enjoy the emotion of relief that they have withstood another day at work while looking at the sunset. They will feel their hearts warming up at the sight of scenery painted by their favorite light. People often seek beauty and art from rare or exceptional subjects. However, these daily changes of scenery throughout the day demonstrate that splendor is not only found in rarity but also in common sights.
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