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Hong You-kyoung  |
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승인 2015.11.05  03:04:20
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IF SOMEONE asks you what you would choose to eat for lunch, you could probably answer without much thought. However, if someone tells you that you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, you might not choose as easily. Some people will choose their favorite dishes while also considering long-term health effects, and some will choose foods that they would expect to enjoy eating forever. Let’s hear the three foods that Yonseians would choose to eat for the rest of their lives, ranging from seafood and meat to instant noodles.
Park Jee-youn (Fresh., Dept. of Clothing & Textiles)
Without even thinking, I would choose to eat rice, eggs and beef for the rest of my life. The reason I chose rice is because it is what I eat every day, which makes me feel like I just have to eat it. Like the saying, “Koreans live by the power of rice,” we need rice in our everyday life. Moreover, it consists of carbohydrate, the main source of energy for our body.
Second, I would choose to eat eggs because I can cook them in various ways, meaning I will never get tired of it. For instance, eggs can be steamed, boiled, fried or even eaten raw. All of these different egg dishes contain different nutrients and vitamins, which would ensure my health stays on point. Also, eggs contain protein, one of the nutrients essential to our bodies.
Similarly, beef also contains protein and is highly versatile. I especially like medium-cooked steaks. Furthermore, there are many kinds of dishes that can made with beef, eggs and rice combined, such as fried rice and egg soup.
Hyun Jee-hyun (Soph., Dept. of English Language & Lit.)
If I were to choose three foods to eat for the rest of my life, I would choose Vietnamese spring rolls, duck meat and long legged octopus. Vietnamese spring rolls usually contain vegetables such as bell pepper, cucumbers, and carrots, and a protein. The highlight of these spring rolls is without a doubt, the unique fish sauce added at the end. I especially like this cuisine because I can add whatever protein I want. If I want beef, I can add beef and if I want pork, I can add pork. This applies for vegetables as well.
Another food I would like to choose is duck. I prefer eating duck meat over chicken, beef or pork. This is because duck meat has a unique texture and is healthier. It also matches the human body temperature, which helps digestion. I like duck meat cured in wine, or smoked and grilled.
I would also choose long legged octopus, because I can cook it in various ways. Octopus is always good when stir-fried, or eaten raw with go-chu-jang, the Korean red pepper sauce. Yeon-po-tang, the soup made of boiled octopus is also delicious and healthy. I usually eat this with my brother. Washing octopus is not as hard as it seems, so I sometimes prepare it on my own as well.
Chong Shen-rong (Sr., Dept. of Business Admin.)
   One of my all-time favorite sauces that I cannot live without is sambal stingray from Singapore. Sambal means chili paste in the Malay/Indonesian language and it is usually served on top of stingray meat. However, it can be eaten with anything, even with only rice! The smell of it is really mouthwatering and I have craved this ever since I came to Korea.
Another food I would choose is any kind of instant noodle, especially spicy ones. In Korea, I think the spicy chicken noodle dish is really fascinating, especially with its peculiar hot taste. My main reasons for choosing instant noodles are because I love spicy food and noodles are easy to cook. I do not like to spend much time cooking and eating, and ramen noodles perfectly fit my personality.
The last food that I would like to introduce is dan-chao-fan, also called egg fried rice. It is a Chinese dish that is one of my favorite menus from Singapore. I like dan-chao-fan because I adore eggs and it is simple to cook! I can just make it in my kitchen. It is best if eaten with sambal stingray on top. With these three foods, I think I can live happily to my fullest.
Park Sang-hyeok (Jr., Dept. of Nursing)
   In choosing three foods, I considered ones that I would not get bored eating. One food that I would choose is the tuna kim-bap in the snack corner of the College of Dentistry building. I always eat it for breakfast before my first class begins, and though I have been eating it almost every day for more than five months, I still enjoy its flavors.
   Another food I considered is the braised spicy chicken sold at the West Gate. I also like fried chicken, but I think eating it every day would be almost impossible. However, I feel like I can eat braised spicy chicken every day because it is spicy and contains less fat.


   The last food I would choose is kim-chi-jji-gae at Sinchon station - the place that sells the best kim-chi-jji-gae in Korea with abundant pork slices inside. I ate it for dinner today, and even thinking of it makes my mouth water again. As I am a person who enjoys spicy food, these three foods are enough for me to survive.
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