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승인 2005.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
"HEY, WHAT general education subject are you planning to take next semester?" "Well, I was hoping to find a class on medieval history, which I am interested in very much." "Sorry to disappoint you, but our school does not have such general education subjects, if you noticed."
Compared to other universities, it is true that Yonsei Univ. lacks general education classes. Classes are divided into six main categories, but there are not enough diversity among them. Furthermore, having only about 50 general education subjects cannot satisfy 25,000 students' needs, and causes "wars" among students for a popular few.
Why does the school even bother to make a class "handbook" when all the classes can be listed in just a few pages?
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