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승인 2005.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
▲ by Yoo Sung-jee
ARE YOU confident enough to say that you know much about Korean art? Picture yourself in a situation where a foreigner asks you about it. If you find yourself stuttering and embarrassed, why not investigate "Korean Aesthetics" class?
The "Korean Aesthetics" (IEE3126/ three credit/ elective general education subject), presented by a former worldwide performer Cho Won-kyung (Prof. of Div. of International Education & Exchange), teaches diverse Korean art forms in English at the New Millennium Hall. Not only international students but also regular Korean students can register for this class. Grades are evaluated through a mid-term exam (10%), final exam (10%), and three reports (10%).
The professor, dressed in his Hanbok to demonstrate Korean tradition, teaches students seven Korean art forms. After the first six weeks of learning 180 Korean poems, students have the opportunity to watch live performances by special guests and discuss Korean culture with them.
"When I was performing abroad, I felt the need to know overall Korean culture to explain to curious foreigners," says Prof. Cho, explaining how he began the class. Han Seung-jin (Jr., Dept. of Bus. Admin.) quotes, "We tend to value foreign culture and neglect our own. However, this class offers us a chance to learn how significant Korean culture is."
We are often too busy pursuing "globalization" that we forget to globalize our own culture. Through this "Korean Aesthetics" class, however, you will be able to understand Korea's artistic beauty, so that the next time you meet a foreigner, you will know what to say.
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