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Is Collabo Really Collaborating?A mid-term evaluation of the Students’ Union Collabo
Kim Yu-jin  |
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승인 2016.06.07  16:28:06
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
COLLABO IS the 53rd Students’ Union of Yonsei University. Collabo’s campaign promises included a reevaluation of the mileage course registration system, an increase in the number of school buses, an expansion of computer rooms in the library, and much more. A number of pledges have been fulfilled, such as MovingCollabo, which is a delivery of morning fruits to dormitory students, and an opening of a market for second-hand books. Collabo also offered numerous services and events to the students, such as Moving Collabo and an open forum for the Seodaemun-gu candidates running for National Assembly. However, there remain many pledges that are yet to be achieved. The Yonsei Annals surveyed Yonseians on their thoughts regarding the Students’ Union, which has one semester left to serve.
1. How well do you think Collabo has fulfilled its pledges?
1: Not at all
2: Not so well
3: Moderately
4: Well
5: Extremely well
2. Which pledges have Collabo fulfilled satisfactorily?
-Revision of the Course Retake System
-Moving Collabo (a service to help students in moving)
-Improvement of the Yonsei Course Registration System
-Increase in the number of commuter buses and shuttle buses
-Reform of Underwood International College (UIC) Common Curriculum (CC) Course Retake System
-Abolition of Obligatory Semester before Graduation
-Installation of Men’s Lounge/ Improvement of Women’s Lounge
-Establishment of Start-up Assistance at Yonsei International Campus
-Expansion of Baseball Stadium
-Installation of Notebook Rooms in Songdo Dormitory
-Co-op Mileage System
-Registration of RC Programs
-Increase in the Number of Lockers
3. How well do you know about Collabo’s pledges?
1: Not at all
2: Not so much
3: Moderately
4: Well
5: Extremely well
4. Have you ever used any of the services that Collabo provides?
-Moving Collabo
-Collabo Market for Secondhand Books
-Exam Period Refreshments
-Bob-jeong-noe (a service which provides free meals to students)
-Open Forum for the National Assemblymen running for Seo-dae-mun-gu election
-VOS Busking Performance
-Morning Fruit Delivery
-I have never used any services
5. How well do you think Collabo is communicating with its students? (Eg: Does Collabo seem to take the students’ opinions into account?)
1. Not at all
2. Not so well
3: Moderately well
4: Well
5: Extremely well
6. How well does Collabo’s homepage provide the students with the information they need?
1: Not at all
2: Not well
3: Moderately well
4: Well
5: Extremely well
7. Have you participated in the pledge evaluation event held on March 14-15th?
8. Overall, how much are you satisfied with Collabo?
1: Not at all
2: Dissatisfied
3: Moderate
4: Satisfied
5: Extremely satisfied
9. Which area do you want Collabo to improve in?
-Fulfilling pledges
-Hosting more events and services
-More pledge evaluation events
-Active communication with the students
-Student welfare
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