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Time for a BreakSearching for leisure in your life
Seo Ji-hye  |
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승인 2016.09.07  01:28:59
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“BEWARE THE barrenness of a busy life,” said Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher. In fact, most people treat breaks as a luxury, due to the fear of being left behind in today’s competitive society. Yet as Socrates stated, a busy life without any time to relax will tire your soul. Take a look at yourself right now. If you are exhausted from working too hard, it is time to stop and take a break.

   At some point, the word ‘morning’ makes us picture a scene where people hurry out of their houses without a proper breakfast, being pressed for time. Since how you start your morning can influence your mood throughout the day, spending the morning hours pleasantly is important. Imagine reading a book with a cup of coffee by your side while bathing in warm sunlight. Starting the morning in a calm and relaxed manner will change your life dramatically.
    Whenever you feel the impulse to escape from your daily routine, the sea welcomes anyone depressed or low in spirit. Just listening to the sound of waves crashing onto rocks will relieve the anxiety in your heart. Every time the waves come in, they break into white foam and are forced out from the shore. Yet they never stop their endeavor to reach the land. The waves leave traces in their paths as if to cry out that they will not surrender. The sight gives people the courage they need to overcome any difficulties and start over afresh.
    It is difficult to put into words the ecstasy you feel when you step on soft, golden sand with your bare feet, instead of a cold, concrete floor. Others follow vivid footprints that you have engraved on the sand. You plop down onto the ground and grab a handful of fine sand that slips past your fingers. The unfamiliar touch will fill your heart with overflowing joy.
    With time to spare, you can finally pay attention to little details that once escaped your notice. A squeal of delight escapes your lips when you find a tiny bird house on a tree. Now the tree with the bird house is no longer an ordinary tree. The world becomes special the moment you pay attention to your surroundings, and you - living in this special world - become special as well.
     Humans are not the only ones who need rest. Dogs that seem to be idling about could be having a pretty tough day in their own way. They press their owners for food and chase them around all day long; dogs definitely deserve a time-out. As you stare at the lazily drooping dog, you cannot help but wonder what it is thinking about. Maybe it is just savoring the moment, enjoying the gentle breeze tickling its face.
    People wrap up their days when darkness settles at night. Some nights, sleep does not come; instead of forcing yourself to bed, you talk about your day with the people you love. A myriad of stars twinkling in the dark sky also listen to your stories and give you a nod of encouragement.
*                 *                 *
   Do not fear leaving a space for rest in your life. Having a short time to refresh yourself will not only cure your weary body and mind, exploited under the name of efficiency, but also provide you with the strength to return to your daily life. Why not start recharging your batteries right now?
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