Heatherwick Studio: Thoughts that Change the WorldIdeas becoming reality in Heatherwick Studio
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승인 2016.09.07  01:45:06
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WE CONSTANTLY think about how we can improve our lives. But how many of these thoughts become reality? Often they remain mere fleeting fancies, and nothing comes of them. However, Thomas Heatherwick, English designer and founder of Heatherwick Studio, tirelessly worked to turn his creative ideas into masterpieces. Since he couldn't do this alone, he founded a special group, Heatherwick Studio, consisting of 180 people all eager to bring ideas to reality. Heatherwick Studio presents a very special exhibition in D Museum, Seoul; now, everyone is invited to a space full of world-changing ideas.

How did it start?
The very first part of the exhibition shows how Heatherwick began his work. After studying three-dimensional design at Manchester Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art, Heatherwick established Heatherwick Studio in 1994 to create grand-scale projects like architecture and city planning. From the year 2000, the studio began working on projects of all scales - from small furniture to large construction projects. Now, Heatherwick Studio’s works are found all over the world, including the “Rolling Bridge”, “Garden Bridge”, and “Al Fayah Park”.  

The main exhibition starts with an explanation of the unique methods of Heatherwick’s “thinking” process. During this process, opinions are gathered from studio members and experts from various fields. Then the ideas are thoroughly examined. Heatherwick Studio always tries to come up with ideas to create a more convenient world. 11 main works  introduce Heatherwick Studio’s distinctive ideas, including “Paternoster Vents” and “Rolling Bridge”.
Heatherwick pays attention to mundane everyday objects and sees things in a way that is different from others. For example, once when Heatherwick saw drawbridges fold, he loathed the harsh separation of the bridges and thought that this movement resembled the breaking of bones. Therefore, he invented the Rolling Bridge, a bridge which resembles a dinosaurs tail; the bridge curls up smoothly instead of folding up like traditional drawbridges.
Paternoster Vents is also a creation of Heatherwick that reveals the unique way he sees the world. Heatherwick wanted to build a special vent that could be added to the exterior of a building. Thus, Heatherwick Studiobuilt Paternoster Vents, which resemble angel wings, to add to the beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The second section of the exhibition, “Making,” explores how Heatherwick Studio follows a unique design process. This part of the exhibition focuses on showing the process of creation with blueprints, drawing notes, and models of Heatherwick’s designs. Some of the projects exhibited have not yet been completed. By seeing how Heatherwick and his studio bring their ideas to reality, visitors can see the scrupulous process of transforming an idea into reality. There are seven projects in this section that show how the works are made, including the “Learning Hub” and the “Al Fayah Park”.
“Al Fayah Park” is the first work shown in this section. There is an extremely detailed three-dimensional model with miniature humans, trees, and rivers. Heatherwick Studio decided to incorporate the geographical features of the desert into the park. The park will be constructed beneath cracked pieces of desert raised on columns, unchanging the natural landscape, while offering visitors and vegetation shade from the scorching heat. The construction of this park will be finished in 2018, in the Abu Dhabi desert. Heatherwick Studio ingeniously utilized the barren landscape of the desert as a source of shade and a channel to absorb sunlight.
Next to the miniature model of the park is an exhibition of the “Learning Hub”, where there is a small model of the hub and a real structure that shows the inner and outer wall of this facility. The Learning Hub is a place that actively facilitates a new type of learning by encouraging communication within the classroom. The building of the learning hub breaks traditional spatial rules, with oval shaped classrooms. The open balconies also facilitate interaction between students and professors. This project breaks away from the traditional, rigid, boxed-in classrooms. 

Behind each project in the studio there is a unique story that reveals Heatherwick’s passion. In other words, each structure has its own special story. Through each project, the studio strives to make something extraordinary with its own unique story. For example, the “Garden Bridge” reflects Heatherwick’s longing to create a space for respite in the bleak city life. Heatherwick inventively thought of using the columns not only for the purpose of supporting the bridge, but also as a water tank to provide water for trees on the bridge. Therefore, the bridge can perform its role as a bridge, and also as a place where people can rest in the forest, enjoying the rare beautiful scenery in a desolate city.
When creating a project, it is important for creators to convey the unique stories of the projects to other people. The best example where an effective transition of a story has been made could be the “Olympic Cauldron”, an Olympic flame designed by Heatherwick. The cauldron looks like a giant group of fire flowers, with hundreds of petals each representing a competing nation. Its symbolic statement reflects the Olympic spirit. This majestic creation has done an impeccable job in sparking the Olympic spirit and leaving an everlasting impression to the viewers. Heatherwick Studio shows that when passion is added to creativity, anything is possible.
*                 *                 *
Through this exhibition, the public can learn about Heatherwick’s creative spirit and diverse viewpoint. This exhibition presents a very special chance for visitors to experience creative and integrative thinking. Heatherwick urges us to think and inspires us to create. Don’t just follow the world as it is.Twist your brain; think of brilliant new things!
Date: June 16, 2016 ~ Oct. 23, 2016
Price: 8,000
(25% discount for D MuseumOnline members: 6,000)


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