Pinocchio’s Lies
Seo Ji-hye  |
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승인 2016.10.06  00:50:24
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CREATED BY a good-hearted carpenter, Geppetto, the wooden doll named Pinocchio had a shameful trait he could not conceal: his nose grew longer whenever he lied. In order to hide the truth, Pinocchio rattled off lie after lie, which eventually snowballed into an irreversible series of false stories. Before he could do anything, his nose grew so long that he could not even raise his head. Throughout life, we experience moments where we feel a strong desire to cover up the truth, whether it is for our own sake or for the sake of others. However, those are the times when we should believe in the power of honesty. By confessing your lies, your nose will get shorter, and the burden of conscience that has been weighing on your mind will become lighter as well.

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