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Kim Jun-su, South Korean singer and a talented musical actor released his new album XIGNATURE on May 30, 2016. “I filled this album with my own musical colors and as the title shows it contains my signature music,” said Kim in his interview with the The Yonsei Annals. The album contains music that only Kim can do. XIGNATURE features 13 tracks with various genres in a single album; each genre shows extraordinary expertise. For example, “Rock the World,” one of the two title tracks, is a dynamic hip-hop dance song. It is powerful and energetic with strong background music. However, the other title song, “Sweet Melody,” significantly contrasts with the atmosphere of “Rock the world.” Kim’s voice beautifully harmonizes with a woman’s voice, creating a sweet love song. Each track in the album has its own distinct characteristic. For instance, “Magic Carpet” is an EDM track with progressive house style sounds. Kim sings in this song, “It’s the sweetest feeling / I feel like flying above the clouds / even the starlight welcomes us,” and makes the listeners feel as if they are flying through the sky on a magic carpet. “XITIZEN” is a sophisticated urban jazz song, with lyrics written by Kim. The saxophone melody gently decorates his voice. There are also R&B, progressive house, pop ballads, and tango genres in other tracks of this album, adorning the album with 13 different colors.
CONTRIBUTED BY C-JeS Entertainmnet 

Movie: Singin’ in the Rain



Singin’ in the Rain is a musical movie released in 1952, and was chosen as one of the top 100 movies by American Film Institute (AFI). The movie is set in the 1920s Hollywood, and treats the love story of Don and Kathy while also portraying the adventure of the main characters: Don, Cosmo, Lina and Kathy. This movie has 13 tracks, which deal with diverse feelings and messages of each character. Most of the tracks accord with the emotion of “laughter,” “hope,” and “love.” For example, when Don is about to give up his lifelong dream he finds hope from the advice of this friends. His bursting surge of hopefulness is expressed through a cheerful song called “Good Morning.” He gleefully sings Sunbeams will soon smile through, good mornin’, my darlin’, to you.” “Singin’ in the Rain,” the main track, frankly shows the fluttery mood of Don singing happily in the rain, with his exuberant joy in finding a new feeling of love towards Kathy. The jovial musical notes of the movie will bring hope of love to the viewers.



Program: Grand Ole Opry


Grand Ole Opry is a live radio program, broadcasted every Saturday night in Tennessee, Nashville. The show started broadcasting in Nov. 28, 1925, making its mark as the longest-running radio broadcast in U.S. history. This radio program introduces country music to listeners all around the world. The show received a Peabody Award in 1983 and the National Radio Hall of Fame induction in 1992. Grand Ole Opry increases the reputation of country music and its history. The program broadcasts songs of famous singers and contemporary top-chart songs of different subgenres of country music, including bluegrass, folk, gospel, and comedic genres. Hundreds and thousands of people visit the Grand Ole Opry House stage every Saturday to see the live performance open to the public. Those who cannot visit the stage can enjoy the live show by the radio or internet. Just turning on the radio and tuning it to the WSM broadcast station invites listeners to the world of country music. For people who does not have a radio that is connected to the WSM station can visit the Grand Ole Opry official website and listen to country music 24/7.

Book: Music in My Bag (Bae nang sok ae dam a on eum ak)


Music in My Bagis a book published in February, 2016. A renowned music critic, Hyun Kyung-chae, wrote the book. The book recounts her journey to seven countries all around Asia, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. During the journey, the author captures the unique music of each culture. The author mentions that a country’s historical and cultural background affects its traditional music. According to the book, Chinese music cannot be singularly defined, as the different provinces of China each has its own peculiarity. In Shanghai, there is kang nam sa juk, a novel instrumental music, while Wuhan is famous for music using Pyeong-jong, an instrument composed of 16 iron bells, and has “jeok-byeok-ga”—a pan-so-ri artwork based on the story romance of the three kingdoms. China underwent the process of westernization in the 1900s, and thus it started to have a mixed culture of music. Taiwan has a very distinct culture as well, and their music is usually delicate, folksy and simple. Vietnamese music is a unique concoction of westernized tunes and traditional music. European culture naturally pervaded Vietnamese culture after the French colonization of Vietnam in 1884. Nowadays, more Vietnamese traditional music is added to the trend. Today, while traditional music and culture is gradually disappearing, this book encourages readers to go on a special trip and lets them experience unique traditional sounds and culture.

Play: Rock Musical Les Miserables – A Story of Two Men


Rock Musical, Les Miserables – A Story of Two Men is a newly remade musical based on the original novel of Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo.This musical takes a new approach byincorporating powerful rock music in the scenes. The musical numbers are arranged in a powerful and unique rock style. The musical mostly focuses on the conflict between two male characters, Javert and Jean Valjean. Javert’s and Jean Valiean’s inner turbulence is portrayedthroughthe rock-music-based musical numbers. Not only music, but also the T-shaped stage and various video effects that are used to overcome the spatial limit of the concert hall highlight this rock musical, adding visual effects to auditory inspiration. Visit New Millennium Hall in Sungkyunkwan University for an unconventional sense of understanding Les Miserables with powerful rock music.
Date: Oct. 6, 2016 ~ Jan. 1, 2017
Price: (R seat) \55,000, (S seat) \44,000
Place: New Millennium Hall, Sungkyunkwan University
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