Personal Color
Lee Hyun-kyung  |
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승인 2018.05.08  14:47:20
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
Photographed by Lee Hyun-kyung
UNIQUENESS IS a key virtue in the 21st century. Instead of conforming to a uniform standard of beauty, people customize their makeup, clothing, and hairstyle to find the most flattering choice for themselves. The dominant narrative from the past often associates a fashionista with luxury goods; however, when you slip on a luxurious garment, what becomes conspicuous is not “you,” but what you wear. For this reason, “personal color,” which makes you stand out without splurging or being tonish, has been on the constant rise. Personal color is the color tone that coordinates with individuals’ inherent image. Skin tone, pupil color, and hair color: these are all factors that determine one’s personal color. As it is “inherent,” one can be immune to capricious vogue when adorning oneself based on his or her personal color.
Like a fingerprint or an iris, personal color is a unique attribute of an individual and it exists in a variety of types. The most typical and universal type is the distinction between warm and cool tone. The warm tone matches with yellow, golden, or peachy undertones and the cool tone matches with blue, red, or pink undertones. You can also categorize personal color into a seasonal color analysis, which classifies these two tones into four seasons: warm tone into spring and autumn, and cool tone into summer and winter.
You can refer to the personal color analysis in not only determining your makeup, but also your attire and accessories. This is the beauty of personal color: It allows you to become one of a kind by providing the means to customize your style. So why not dip your toe into the trend and discover your individuality?
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