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The Monochrome City
Yoon Young-seo  |
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승인 2019.03.06  11:08:33
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리



EVEN DARK streets of the late hours are brightened up by dazzling light in Seoul. Each day goes by in a blur. From the break of dawn, the multi-colored metropolis stimulates our visions. Even during the short walk to the nearby Sinchon subway station, or a quick visit to a mall, lights and colors fill up our sights and capture us in excitement. Neon signs, posters of smiling celebrities, the latest pop songs blasting over the busy streets constantly surround and pull us in to be a part of this buzzing insanity.

   From a distance, the images of Seoul present an enticing illusion of a dream. But behind the shiny glass windows and concrete walls, at certain hours of the clock, there are those of us who struggle to fill the void the glowing city lights can never reach. The familiar places we see every day become mirages that leave us feeling stranded.
   Each day is a hustle. Chasing after dreams, we fail to notice the days and months going by in a flash and in the process we lose direction. The slightest deviation from our daily routine leads things to spiral out of control. We fall into a pit of endless dissociation when the poison called anxiety finally kicks in. Like the flashing lights of boutiques and karaoke bars, even our friends and family turn into distractions. The flickering signs – red, yellow, green- reflect an indistinct inner turmoil. Vulnerable and confused, we feel ourselves floating outside of space and time, watching everything around us speeding away.
   The city in black and white divulges the city for what it truly is: a place where we stand frozen in the middle of a colorless desert, struggling to find ourselves. Sometimes all we may need to do to escape the destructive nature of our minds is take a step back. Isolate ourselves by drowning out the noise and washing away the incessant colors that are burned into our eyes. Empty out everything and find peace amongst the mute and grey canvas of the place we call home.
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