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2005 Posco Campus Symphony FestivalEvents Celebrating Yonsei 120th Anniversary
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승인 2005.06.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

2005 POSCO Campus Symphony Festival Concert took place at the Centennial Hall on May 10. Sponsored by Posco, a Korean steel company, 2005 Posco Campus Symphony Festival is being held at several universities throughout the year.
At Yonsei Univ., this event was held as a part of its 120th anniversary celebration. Conducted by maestro Nanse Gum, Kim Young-ho (Prof. of Dept. of Inst. Music), the Euro-Asian Philharmonic played two pieces, one by Grieg and the other by Tchaikovsky. Before each piece was played, maestro Gum Nan-se took time to explain to the audience about the piece. He also talked about the manner that the audience should know when attending a classical music concert specifically mentioning when to clap and when not to. "I really liked the friendly way maestro Gum Nan-se explained the music to us, which made the atmosphere of the whole concert very light and comfortable for all," said Lee Seung-jin (Fresh., Area of Social Science).
2005 Posco Campus Symphony Festival will continue in various colleges until November of this year.

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