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Librarians: The Guides to our FutureIn the quiet of the Underwood Memorial Library
Cha Min-kyung  |
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승인 2019.11.02  22:46:24
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리



“THIS IS my sixth year of working as a librarian at Yonsei. Although I did major in the Dept. of Library & Info. Science with the initial goal of working at a library, I tried to keep my doors open to different career paths. However, one day my senior told me, ‘Lawyers meet people who break the law and doctors meet people who are sick, but librarians meet people who prepare for tomorrow.’ This ultimately inspired me to become a librarian.”

   “Since I work in the Underwood Memorial Library (UML) at Yonsei International Campus (YIC), I usually teach freshmen how to use the library, search basic data and use the database. I believe that the ability to search for information is a crucial skill all students need, as it not only improves the quality of their assignments, but also their critical thinking skills. Additionally, I am also in charge of selecting and purchasing new books for our library every week. For Korean books, I always try to provide students with a wide variety of genres. As for foreign books, I order those that are required for lectures as well as new and popular books from the Amazon website.”

   “I cannot help but feel proud every time after helping the students find their desired resources. My most memorable achievement was when I helped a graduate student find a primary source that only existed overseas which he needed to write his research paper. I searched through hundreds of different sources and was finally able to find the one he needed in Germany. I was able to receive it by international shipping and hand it over to the student, which helped him successfully complete his paper. I couldn’t have been prouder.”

    "Working with books brings me joy every day. I especially appreciate the fact that I work in a campus with students that have fresh energy and are passionate about their works."

   "I am confident that the UML is one of the best libraries in Korea. I’m sometimes jealous that Yonsei students are able to enjoy this kind of space on a campus where only freshmen students are gathered. I hope that students can utilize the UML to the fullest during their year-long stay at Songdo so that they don’t have any regrets later on when they are at the Sinchon Campus. Many just come to the library to study, but I hope they also make use of the contents, services, events, and space provided by our library.”



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