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Warmth-a Safe Haven From the ColdFeeling of happiness and comfort
Cha Min-kyung  |
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승인 2019.12.02  16:58:55
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WARMTH, A feeling of happiness and comfort, something everyone needs in this chilly weather of December. Some deliberately look for warmth to protect their bodies from the cold harsh winds and others, unexpectedly offer and receive help or acts of kindness that warm their hearts. The feeling of warmth can be felt both physically and emotionally, but either way, it fills us with happiness. Some people may favor the warmth inside buildings rather than the cold outdoors, but it is precisely the cold of winter that gives the sweetness of warmth. 

   As winter approaches, your closet starts to fill up with dark colored knitwear and parkas. Padded with goose feathers, the coat shields you from the piercing cold as you bundle yourself within the cozy jacket. There is nothing that brings more warmth in that moment. 
   The moment your hands wrap around the warm cup, you instantly feel your body ease up. At first, your hands reject the hot temperature of the cup, but soon enough, they reach out to touch the cup again. After a few times, the cup finally warms up your frozen fingers and just like that the coldness is gone. One sip of the drink immediately sends a warm feeling down your body, making the cold weather a little more bearable. 
   When Christmas rolls around, it is all about giving back. Along the streets you can start to see a variety of donation boxes for those in need. Although giving back doesn’t necessarily reward the donator instantly, by passing on the feeling of warmth to the next person, it will soon be spread to the entire community.   
   Toss, turn, shake. The little rectangular shaped heat pack is all you need to keep you warm while waiting for the bus. Once the pack is heated up, you gently squeeze it between your hands trying to trap the heat inside. You can feel the warmth of the pack stay in your hands and it even slightly stings to keep holding the handwarmer. 
   A sigh of relief comes out after your legs dip into the bathtub. The water instantly melts away the coldness of your toes and the warm bubbles hug your shivering worn out body. You reflect back on your day and try to remember some of your predicaments, but it’s hard, for the warm water has already brought you happiness and the troubles lose their significance. 
   Before bed, you change into your comfortable pajamas and put on your fuzziest socks. You turn on your heater and dive into the blankets, waiting for the cold air to pass. The warm socks and soft sheets put you to sleep. You’ve been longing for this happy feeling from the moment you stepped out in the cold this morning. 
*                 *                 *
   When the weather gets chillier, we begin to miss the feeling of warmth. It is surprising how warmth can be felt in so many ways and how it always brings joy and happiness to our hearts. Since it is still the early stages of winter in December, we might as well endure the coldness together and spread warmth—whether by holding onto a handwarmer or embracing someone you love in your arms. 
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