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Be a Part of Global HarmonyNational Univ. of Sydney
Seo Ja-kyung Assisstant Reporter  |  letmesmilej@naver.com
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승인 2005.09.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
Every YEAR, a great number of Koreans flock to Sydney for mainly two reasons: travel and education. While tourist attractions such as the Opera House entertain travelers, several outstanding schools quench students' thirst for better learning. The University of Sydney heads the list of such schools as the most sought-after Australian university by Koreans. The university, founded in 1850 as the first Australian university, has built an international reputation with renowned departments including Law, Medicine, Media and Architecture.
The University includes all the departments that one can imagine; there are 18 faculties and 100 departments. The campus also boasts its grandiose size with ten different campuses spread throughout the central area of Sydney. In addition, the Fisher Library owns around five million books, which makes it the largest library in Australia. For dormitories, most of the exchange students stay at the International House. "Because the International House welcomes students from around the world, it provides the environment where one can make international friends easily," says Ju Byung-wook, graduate of Yonsei Univ.
Most courses are composed of two-hour long lectures and one hour-long tutorials. While the lecture, led by professors, is typically one-sided, the tutorial is distinctive in  that a smaller group of 8 to 12 students has discussions on class materials with the help of an assigned tutor. Therefore, active participation is a must to survive in the classes. Also, the University of Sydney has a somewhat unique grade evaluation, divided into High Distinction (100~85), Distinction (85-75), Credit (75-65), and Pass (65-50). "The class materials were not that hard compared to Yonsei. The real problem was that all classes required a substantial level of English writing because their exams consist only of essays," continues Ju.
Activities take place both inside and outside of the university. Inside, students have the benefit from excellent sports facilities at the Aquatic Center and can join various student-oriented groups including baseball, cricket and rugby clubs. Outside, one can easily enjoy visiting the nearby Opera House, Circular Quay and the beautiful beaches of Sydney. Also, the city takes pride in its multicultural elements, offering various kinds of food and products at a reasonable price.
"Unlike other universities, the University of Sydney offers a peaceful and diverse atmosphere where Asian students and Western students can truly harmonize," says Ju. With the enormous number of international students (around 9,000) and Sydney's multicultural environment, life in the University of Sydney will surely help students experience true globalization.
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