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A Slice of Pie, A Slice of HomeVisiting The Pie Hole, Sinchon’s favorite dessert café
Oho Yun-seo  |
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승인 2020.06.14  06:27:47
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“WE HAD the idea for The Pie Hole in our late twenties; as three friends who loved dessert, we wanted to share that with others. We were in graduate school or starting new jobs, but we decided to take a chance and do something that we had always wanted to do. So, we brainstormed an idea for a café where we sell pies that we like or want to try, which became The Pie Hole. We have always believed in doing everything by ourselves, which is why everything we sell at our shop is handmade. We also try to interact directly with our customers and work with people that share our values and work ethic.”

   “Depending on our cravings that day, we bake traditional pies like pumpkin pie, or try to be adventurous by making unique pies like the banana cheese pie, among others. Our pies are how we show our dedication and appreciation to our customers; we pay special attention to the look and taste of our pies, as well as their packaging for those who take them home. That is, in our opinion, the essence of The Pie Hole.”

   “We want every visit to our shop to feel like an experience, starting with a lively ambiance. Rather than sticking to a simple ‘café’ design theme, we have decorated how we feel the energy of The Pie Hole would be; it is both colorful and peaceful, a place where people can come to have a good time with friends, relax without having to be mindful of others or find comfort during hard times. Our mural wall opposite the counter was painted by a customer whom we became very close friends with, which took the better part of the day. It was so memorable, even though the customer was a student, they still took the time to give our shop a splash of color.”

   “The most fulfilling part about managing our own business is getting to know our customers. We have many fond memories with our customers whom we have come to see as friends or even younger siblings, and they have been a huge help in maintaining our business. They come and tell us stories of their struggles and news they want to celebrate, like a new job or an opportunity to study abroad. Many of our regular customers have even given us gifts, which we use to decorate the shop.”

   “When we opened The Pie Hole, we didn’t know that it would play such an important role in our lives. For us, it is very important to maintain the original feel and color of our café, because it is an expression of our passion. We started this business to share our love for pies with other people and it has given us a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. We hope that coming to The Pie Hole can be as much of a comfort and a good memory to our customers as it is to us.”



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