Thanks to:Paying respect to all the medical staff fighting COVID-19
Cha Min-kyung  |
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승인 2020.06.14  06:32:31
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리



A THUMBS up placed on top of the other hand. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people did not know what this gesture meant. Symbolizing both “respect” and “pride,” the sign language has become a statement in bringing awareness to the hard work that all medical staff have endured during the past dreadful months. In order to show respect and gratitude towards all healthcare workers, the so-called “Thanks to Challenge” has become a trending campaign in Korea. To participate in the challenge, one can post a photo of the hand symbol on their social media accounts and nominate three other people to show their support for our frontline workers. 



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