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Samsung SAT (SSAT) Held in Baekyang Hall
Lee Jun-woo Cub Reporter  |
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승인 2005.10.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
SAMSUNG SAT (SSAT) was hosted by Job Information Center of Yonsei Univ. and Samsung at Baekyang Hall on Sept. 14. The purpose of the test was to select those who are apt for working in Samsung. 270 to 300 applicants, nearly undergraduate students who are interested in Samsung, took three hours test from 5 p.m.
   SSAT is consisted of SAT part and personality part. The SAT section tested the students with questions from Korean, mathematics, statistics, reasoning, mental faculties, and current events. Lee Jeong-sik (Sr., Dept. of Bus. Admin.) after taking SSAT says, “It is a brilliant idea to solve the questions from the sample tests. And I also think that condition of the test day is as pivotal as person’s knowledge for getting a high score.” General consensus among the test-takers was that the SSAT is hard but yet conquerable one.
   Lee Chang-moo, an officer who works at the Job Information Center in Yonsei Univ. says, “The SSAT was one of the biggest test held in recent periods, and we are looking forward for the results.” For further information and future SSAT application, contact
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