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From DNA to Clinics
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승인 2005.10.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
▲ ICCE gathering was hosted at Yonsei.
THE 7TH International Conference on Cellular Engineering took place in Centennial Hall from Sept. 6 to 9. The conference's title was "from DNA to Clinics". It was the first time that the event took place in Korea; it was hoped to promote Korea's global interaction in this scientific field.
Experts convened at Yonsei Univ. to discuss topics such as Cell Engineering for Biosensors and Chips, Cellular Mechanics, and Stem Cells. About 150 people participated in the first open conference, including about 50 Yonsei Univ. students and professors. 
"Thanks to the recent breakthrough in stem cell research, Korea has become the hub of this field. Korea needs academic exchange with foreign countries, to learn from them as well as to spread our engineering skills," says Research Prof. Park Si-nae (Dept. of Medical Engineering), treasurer of the organizing committee. Since there is no major in cellular engineering here at Yonsei, Park wishes that students of all fields show interest in this burgeoning field and that Korea's cellular engineering program takes another step ahead.
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