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승인 2005.10.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

WHAT FACTORS helped famous actors such as Lee Young-ae and Seol Kyung-gu succeed? They might have been born with innate talents, but their success might have been difficult if it weren't for Choi Hyung-in ('64, Dept. of Education Sciences), their acting teacher. As a teacher of famous actors, director of numerous plays, and a professor at Han Yang Univ., Choi herself is the passion.

Park. How were your school days in Yonsei?
Choi. I was in Yonsei Theater Art Research Club, where I mostly devoted my time and effort to practicing acting. To be frank, I didn't study that much because I wasn't interested in school studies. I remember that after practicing, my friends and I would walk down the *Baikyang-ro* singing songs together at night. It was very fun.

Was it your dream to have a career in the acting field?
Although I'm in the acting business at the moment, I didn't plan to be in this field when I was in college. I guess I'm not that kind of a person who plans ahead. I started acting because I simply thought it was fun and wanted to know more about it. And so far, according to what I have discovered, acting is fun!

In your opinion, what is the most important factor in acting?
The most important aspect of acting is "humanity". I'm working in this field because I love everything in the world, especially people. You have to know how to love other people and also love yourself in order to deliver warmth when you are acting. "Humanity" allows you to love the character you have to perform.

How would you define a good actor?
A good actor is a person who efficiently delivers the characteristics of what the writer has created. To do this, an actor needs to have his/her body, heart, and mind polished and neutralized. The actor must know what parts of their body and mind should be used to make the performance more effective. Actors who have the ability to do this well would be considered qualified actors. 

Why do you think so many actors wish to learn from you?
First, it is probably because I wish to help students become as good as they wish to be. Second, I've had long, various experiences in acting which allow me to pinpoint where they need improvement. I can see through them and spot what their shortcomings are and what hinders the expression of their feelings.

The play "Tape" is classified as a success. Were there any difficulties when directing it?
I think the play was written by someone at least 20 years younger than me, so I had difficulty understanding the writer's thoughts and figuring out the writer's message. In addition, one actor was well-known and publicly recognized while the other actor had much less experience. So maintaining the balance between the two actors was difficult.

"Actors are happy because they can escape reality and indirectly help audiences to mature spiritually."

Any advice you would like to give to Yonseians in how to live a meaningful life?
To maintain your own happiness, people around you should be happy also. Yonseians will probably know that they are in a position where they can help people around them. It's not that difficult once you believe that you have the ability to make others happy. With this belief, Yonseians should carry on what they wish to accomplish with their convictions.

Choi definitely makes those around her happy. Even though she has been working in the acting field for more than 20 years, I can feel her everlasting passion for what she loves so much - acting. She declares, "Actors are happy because they can escape from reality and indirectly help audiences to mature spiritually." She lives by her statement, by enjoying her life and helping others at the same time. And with such passion and warmth inside her heart Choi will continue to make accomplishments in her career.

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