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Student Association with Yonseians?
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승인 2006.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

THE 14TH Hanchongryun Representative Conference (RC) was held in the Auditorium of Yonsei Univ. on Feb. 4. Recently, Seoul Mapo Police Station issued a summons against the 13th president of the Hanchongryun for violating the National Security Law. Progressive students from Jeju to Seoul came to this conference to share their thoughts and take part in the Hanchongryun presidential election.

  Jang Song-hwe (President of SA, Chonnam National University) was elected as head of the 14th Hanchongryun RC to reorganize and lead the group for one year. "Hanchongryun should be legalized and the NSL abolished," asserted Sung Jung-lim (Sr., Dept. of Korean Lan. Edu., Pusan National Univ.), a member of Hanchongryun. "We have a consensus that Hanchongryun is important for uniting the university students in Korea."

  However, many Yonseians expressed their concerns over other groups' activities at Yonsei Univ. "We have a right to know what is happening inside the campus. The need for communication between the SA and the Yonseians is desperate," said Park Hong-keun (Soph., Dept. of Chemical Engin.).

  Although the conference itself was held peacefully, several news sources, including the JoongAng Daily, expressed their concerns directly by regarding the Hanchongryun as a pro-North Korea student group. The role of Yonsei Univ.'s SA in these political activities is becoming a hot issue around the campus as student opinions collide over the matter.

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Photographed by Kim Young-sung