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승인 2006.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

YONSEI UNIV. launched Yonsei Volunteers ( last autumn as part of the plan Yonsei Vision 2020. As one of the main goals of the plan, it aims to strengthen Yonsei's Christian ideals as well as educate Yonseians to volunteer for the less privileged members of our society. Well, even if you missed the chance to be a starting member of the Yonsei Volunteers, there is still a chance for you to volunteer and be certified by the school. Yonsei Univ. has eight social work courses from volunteering at the Severance hospital to being a tutor on campus. We are going to introduce two of the classes: Professor Lee Hoon-koo's social work course (UCI2001-01-00) and volunteering at the Beautiful Store (UCI2001-05-00).

  These courses consist wholly of volunteering. Students have to participate in an orientation at the beginning of the semester and thereafter volunteer for 32 hours.

  The Beautiful Store and Helping Neighbors in Need

  Volunteer activities vary from class to class. In Prof. Lee's course, students are divided into three groups: the first group goes to gong-bu-bangs in dal-dong-nes, the second helps the elderly wash at the House of Peace and the third helps with office work at the NGO "Citizens United for Better Society". As for the Beautiful Store, students participate in various work such as helping to run the online shopping mall, selling goods at the Beautiful Store flea market and doing office work at the headquarters.

  Although it is only a one credit subject, most participating professors, organizers and students are satisfied with the program. "Through this course, students can change their perspective on the less privileged people of our society and come to understand them. There are even students who keep volunteering, not as a school course but as a part of life," says Prof. Lee Hoon-koo (Dept. of Psych.). "I don't think this course should be taken to actually 'achieve' something. Volunteering should be part of an everyday life so that people can feel good, simply by doing it. As for me, I met great people and learned the true meaning of volunteering," says Han A-ram (Sr., Dept. of French Lang. and Lit.), who has been volunteering at the Beautiful Store since the course was created. Shin Kyung-hwa (Jr., Dept. of Korean Lang. & Lit.) who took Prof. Lee's class and is still teaching math to high school students at Bit-na-ra gong-bu-bang remarks, "Volunteering consistently can be difficult because you have to put all your time into volunteering on the days you go to the gong-bu-bang. However, despite hard times, I'm often touched by the children and grateful that I can be a help to them. I learn a lot from them."

▲ Contributed by Beautiful Store and The Beautiful Flea Market
  A Late but Positive Start

  Yonsei started this course in the fall semester of 2004. This is a late start compared to other universities such as Seoul National Univ. and Ewha Womans' Univ. However, it has already positively changed the lives of many people including Yonseians. We hope that although Yonsei was a late starter, it will make firm and steady steps so that both the students and the community can experience the joy of sharing and loving.




About the class

- "Volunteer Service"
    (UCI2001-01-00 ~ UCI2001-08-00/ one credit/ elective general education subject)

- How to register: Sign up for the class on Yonsei portal and submit an application form to the professor or organization that is in charge.

- Note: You have to be at the latest in your 7th term and can take the class up to 4 times regardless of the maximum credit per semester.

* Special thanks to: Cho Jin-man (Senior Researcher, Yonsei Leadership Center)

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