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Sleepless in U-DUB*, Seattle
Kim Young-sung Cub Reporter  |  fundora@dreamwiz.com
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승인 2006.03.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

▲ from Univ. of Washington
THE MOVIE "Sleepless in Seattle," which got a big success in 1993, made Seattle well known. Also, Seattle is famous for its mild weather condition and the birthplace of the famous coffee producer "Starbucks". This is where one of the UW (University of Washington) campus is located, a university famous for its School of Medicine and Engineering in America.

  Prestigious University in Northwest

  UW is famous for its top-notch faculties. One of them is Daniel J. Evans school of Social Affairs, which established in 1984, named after former Washington's Governor and US Senator. This school offers various courses that treat international issues, domestic or regional policies. U.S News, in 2006, ranked this school 7th for nonprofit management and 8th for environmental policy and management in America.

  UW has extended experience and competitiveness in Drama. "Citizens who live in Seattle are proud of UW's School of Drama which is ranked as top5 in the U.S.A." says Jo Hyoung-suk (Sr., Dept of Psych. '04 ~ '05 in UW). School authorities support this department through offering place for performance and selling tickets via school website. Students who major school of drama have a chance to improve their skill through conducting processes of real playing which played three or four times a quarter.

  Special tips for quicker adjusting; School activities

  Exchange students who major Psychology and Communication would face the problem on registering certain major courses in UW. Different from other major, they are restricted in taking advanced courses. "UW has many prerequisite courses, but authorities of UW do not recognize records from Yonsei. Therefore, you have to make a special mention to Div. of International Education & Exchange for taking advanced courses," says Jo.

  If you are interest in joining club activity, visit FIUTS (Foundation for International Understanding Through Students). FIUTS bridges every international student to join club in UW. "Of course, you can be a member of any club in UW, but FITUS helps international students to be friendly each other through events such as hiking or party,"says Yoo Ha-na (Sr., Dept of Biotech. '04 ~ '05 in UW). Other than FITUS, the most interesting one is sports-related activity. "The most advantage of UW is IMA (Intramural Activity).

  Special tips for quicker adjusting; outside the school

  There are many Koreans in Seattle. So, in order to improve your English speaking skills, formers suggest Yonseians to speak in English only. Also, due to many Asian residents, there is nothing worth mentioned as a "Cultural Shock" except American students' over exposures or their general idea on sexual issues.
Seattle offers somewhat comfortable but humid weather condition. Actually, it rains, but never pours. So, you had better take just a couple of waterproof coats to Seattle than bring an umbrella. Everyone suggest to visit "the Ave". Exchange students call this University way as Dae hak-ro because there are various stores. "University Book Store", the place for buying textbooks in cheaper price, is in the Ave.

  Chance for sleepless life in Library

  Library system of UW is one of the largest in U.S. It contains 5 million books and equal number in microforms. The libraries provide great amount of information on various fields. Needless to say, UW offers an ideal environment to study. Why don't you fill your curiosity on knowledge in U-DUB?

Name: University of Washington, Seattle
Foundation Year: 1861
Location: Seattle, U.S.A.
Buildings: 218 (Seattle)
Campuses: Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell
Required TOEFL Score(min.): 213
- Dept. of Bus. Admin. Courses unable to register
- Quarterly academic system; students can only
 exchange to UW for a year 

* Short for UW (Univ. of Washington)

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