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승인 2006.04.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

MANY OF us college students teach private lessons to earn money, but there are some Yonseians who go further in their benevolence by teaching their poor neighbors for nothing. A group of like-minded students have decided to make a dongahree "Blue Bird" to carry on this volunteerism.

  The members of Blue Bird are former participants of the Yonsei Volunteering Program. Throughout the winter, they have taught students who cannot afford to attend a private lesson institute. When the program finished, some of the volunteers were unwilling to stop and even promised their students to continue their teaching. Chong Kwang-soon (faculty staff of Yonsei Volunteering Program), suggested making a separate dongahree, devoted to continuing these services.

  "We do not volunteer for money or grades. I think it is the real meaning of voluntary service," said Im Hyun-sung, pres. of Blue Bird. Guidance professor of Yonsei Volunteering Program, Taesun Park (Dept. of Foods and Nutrition) added, "They realize Servant Leadership, an important part of Yonsei Vision 2020. Even though it is not yet an official dongahree, the school is planning to support their activities."

  Although a small group, they are seen as a paragon of Yonsei's love and service.

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