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An "Extra" Ordinary ScientistYonsei? "Marquis Who's Who", Myoung Seong-sik
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승인 2006.04.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

DO YOU know what the "Marquis Who? Who" is? It's a U.S. based publication listing biography information on notable people around the world. Famous people like Nicole Kidman (actress) and Thomas Schelling (2005 Novel Prize laureate) were listed. Myoung Seong-sik made the 2006 "Marquis Who's Who," a rare event for a scientist without a Ph. D.

  The Annals: How did you feel after being listed on the "Marquis Who? Who?"

The "Marquis Who's Who" first requested me to send my biography. I think my thesis "A Miniaturization Method of Parallel Coupled-Line Filters Using Lumped Capacitors and Grounding" is the reason they contacted me. I knew about the book because a colleague from the lab (Han Jin-kyu) had been listed, but never imagined that I would be listed as well. I felt very lucky to get a positive evaluation by a famous publication. However, later, I worried I wasn? qualified enough to be listed.

  Could you explain your thesis?

  My work has to do with radio communication which involves filters. A filter catches certain signals in a super-high frequency circuit and varies in size according to each super-high frequency. My technology minimizes the size of the filter, which then minimizes the size of wireless products such as cell phones and PDAs. I am currently applying for a patent in Korea and the U.S. with Samsung. I hope that this technology will become a new field of study.

  It must have taken long time and much effort to get such a result. What kind of difficulties did you face?

  I didn't face much trouble in terms of lack of support because Yonsei is designated as a specialized school in this field. Moreover, I enjoy studying so the long experiments weren? a problem for me. At times, though, I felt depressed when I couldn? derive any results from days and days of experiments. Also, since I do research for about 10 hours a day in the lab, my life sometimes feels a bit tedious.

  As a scientist, what do you think about the Hwang Woo-seok incident?

  There can be many fabrications in a thesis. This means that the scholar? conscience is important. Dr. Hwang? problem is that he lied. He can never regain his fame. It may be a tragedy for him but I think it is an opportunity for scientists to rethink their attitudes as scholars.

  Then, what do you think is the ?ight?attitude a scientist should have? Do you have a particular scientist you admire?

  I think that scientists are not technicians but philosophers. They should try to understand and discover the truth of the universe. Personally, I respect Dr. Park Byeong-ha who is a researcher at Samsung Electronics. He started studying at a late age but succeeded. I also heard that on his way to work each day, he reads the latest theses. I respect him for his diligence and endless passion for science, which are both virtues a scientist should have.

  Finally, do you have any advice for students who are studying science or engineering?

  Students these days seem to think that the university is a job center. However, school is one of the few places where you can purely study science with full support. I hope students remember this and get to really love what they study. They will get out of it as much as they put in.

  Myoung seemed like a very ordinary and extraordinary person at the same time. He plays soccer with his colleagues and enjoys a drink at the bar from time to time; then again, as a member of the ancient history hakhoe (study group) in college, he quotes proverbs by Confucius and seems to have a very philosophical mindset on his academic field. Perhaps this versatile characteristic is what made this young scientist worthy to be listed on the "Marquis Who's Who."


Myoung Seong-sik
Ph. D. Candidate (3rd year)
Radio Communications Lab.
in The Graduate School
of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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