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A Revolution in English Education?
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승인 2006.05.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

▲ Joo Jae-hyun, giving a lecture on studying English
(Photographed by Chai Kyu-min)
A WELL - known English lecturer, Mr. Joo Jae-hyun gave a speech on April 4 at Yonsei Engineering Research Center, titled "English Education! 'Innovation' or 'Revolution'?" He shared his know-how obtained through years of teaching with those who participated in the event.

  The zealous lecturer, who has taught approximately 350,000 students up until now, emphasized the importance of a complete overhaul of English education, stating that a revolution, rather than mere revision is required; instead of memorizing impractically complex words and phrases, repeated exercises in listening, speaking, writing and reading should be done. Later, he even asked the participants to speak and sing along to the variety of contents he prepared, giving a good example of how this international language can be learned.

  He has been offering Joo Jae-hyun JFKN courses at Yonsei and welcomes anyone who is keen on learning. "Unlike others, I treat students as subjects of education, not as consumers in the education market," says Joo.

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