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승인 2006.05.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

"MALAYSIA, TRULY Asia" and "SKY, it's different" are just a few examples of successful marketing campaigns. Marketing is ubiquitous in our lives; linked to almost all products and services around us, it deeply influences us in everyday choices we make. Perhaps that is why many dream to be marketers; it is a competitive but innovative career where you can realize your ideas and create value. This month, The Yonsei Annals will introduce courses that might help you become a marketer.

  • Basic steps

    ◈ Speech and Debate (UCI1147)
    ■□ Business Communication (BIZ3158): Students learn how to effectively convey their opinions in business meetings and presentations.
    “The ability to communicate well is an asset for marketers. Acquiring theoretical knowledge about marketing is important, but it’s also important to practice speech and presentation techniques as well,” remarks Song Young-gon (Sr., Dept. of Bus. Admin. and Pres. of Marketing All Round Players)

    ■⊙ Introduction to Psychology (PSY1001): Recommended to avid marketers. Basic theories of psychology can be applied to various marketing strategies. Courses are in English and Korean.

    ■□ Marketing (BIZ2120): As a fundamental course for marketing, it’s recommended to take prior advanced marketing courses. Courses are in English and Korean.

  • Business to consumer marketing

      While business to business marketing focuses on marketing among corporations, business to consumer marketing is directly related to consumers. It refers to the fields that we know well: advertising and promoting.

    □ Consumer Behavior Analysis (BIZ3126)

    □ Relationship Marketing (BIZ4129): Teaches plans to strengthen long-lasting relationships between corporations and customers. Students will learn cases from the *Harvard Business Review* and analyze them using marketing theories.

    □ Advertising (BIZ3128)

    □ New Product Marketing (BIZ3130): Learns about efficient promotion plans for new products, especially high-tech digital products which have short-trend cycles.

    ⊙ Consumer Psychology (PSY3138)

    □ Marketing Research (BIZ3127)

  • For career

    ● Fashion Advertising (CNT3101): Focuses on promotion. Students will learn concepts relevant to marketing and communication and will apply these theories to actual fashion brands.

    ● Fashion Marketing (CNT2109)

    ○ Marketing Strategy in Food Service (FNS3109): A course on marketing tactics for hotel, tourism and food industries. 

    ▣ Research Methods in Advertising (COM4101): An advanced course on PR and advertising. Advertising (BIZ3128) is required as a prerequisite course.

    ▣ Marketing Communication Campaign (COM4115): Most class hours are for actual training for PR. Research Methods in Advertising (COM4101) or other courses relevant to PR are required as prerequisites, if possible.

  • Business to business marketing

      Business to business marketing focuses more on the relationship among business corporations. It includes the fields of logistics, the effective purchase of raw materials and consulting.

    □ Logistics (BIZ3150): Logistics is marketing in a broad sense, as it requires efficient marketing channels among businesses.

    □ Strategic Purchasing Management (BIZ3160): Analyzes on purchasing issues through consulting perspectives. Consultants, purchasing officers and venture corporation CEOs are invited as guest lecturers. 

      "Students tend to think of advertising first when they think of marketing. However, the current and future business to business marketing field has much potential. Instead of only focusing on advertising courses, students should think carefully about which kind of marketing they are interested in," says Prof. Lee Dong-jin (Dept. of Bus. Admin.).

 Chung Jin-hee (Graduated in 2006 as Business Admin. Major)

  "I have found that marketing knowledge as well as other business administration techniques such as finance management are important, too. I want to advise students to take various courses and practice combining the knowledge they've acquired. Also, participate actively in team projects. Finally, students should try out internships. Studying and working in this field are completely different. Try as many as possible. Internships can lead to actual recruiting, which happened to me."

* Chung is a product manager for Giorgio Armani Perfumes & Cosmetics in L'Oreal.


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