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Be Crazy!...In the festival, as if you've never been normal!
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승인 2006.05.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

EACH YEAR, during spring, people especially look forward to May because of the Daedong Fete. Yonsei is one of many universities that celebrates this festival. Preparing for this, many students skip class, stay up all night and even have to visit the doctor due to their health. However, after the festival, we feel more united as a school. Therefore, The Yonsei Annals conducted a festival survey on the festival with 100 junior and senior Yonseians.

  Yonseians have their own festival in May. We asked, How eager are you to participate in Yonsei's festival? The majority responded, ? know that there is an annual festival but I don't always prepare or participate very much (37%)." The next answer was, "I know there is an annual festival, but I never prepare for it, though I do participate sometimes (35%)." You get a break from the monotony of school life but instead just blow it off? Studying is important, but remember to live a little. The festivals offer something to look forward to. The Annals asked, What do you most look forward to from the festival?, and the greatest number of students responded that they enjoy class and dongahree solidarity (27%). There is nothing more miserable than spending the festival season alone. Even if someone has been an outcast from a certain group, Daedong Fete season manages to bring everyone together.

What was the most exciting festival?
  34%  The festival of 2004
  16%  The festival of 2003
  What do Yonseians believe to be the most interesting event during the festival? The majority of students said they like the "one-day hof or market (37%)" when we asked this question, What is the most interesting part of the festival? This is an understandable favorite, as the one-day hof and market are held for one whole day, so there are many things to do. Making arrangements, serving food or drinks, and earning money are all exciting events. It's also a good time to hang out with friends. Other students said that "cheering (30%)" is the most exciting event. Cheering reminds us that we are all Yonseians. Following the moves of the cheerleaders, we feel the school's spirit and power. The third ranked answer was "performances of celebrities and joining in dongahree activities (18%).

  Then, What was the most exciting festival remembered by Yonseians? The greatest number of students said that "the festival of 2004 was best (34%)." Although there may be differences between Yonseians' festival memories, when it comes to talking about the festival, we first think of the "AKARAKA for the Whole Universe." What was special about the "AKARAKA for the Whole Universe" in 2004?


What do you most look forward to from the festival?

  40% Enjoy class and
         dongahree solidarity
  14% Attend concerts of 

  The celebrity guests were, to name a few, Psy, Seven, Kim Yoon-ah, Shin Seung-hun and MC the Max. Because the motto that year was "Paran," the cheerleaders had a special performance and blue confetti fell everywhere. Also, our students' favorite MC Hong Jang-gwan, a student himself, performed. The head female cheerleader did a dance imitating BoA which brought applause; Lee Gil-soo's and Lee Han-jae's rendition of Big Mama's "Giving Up" left a lasting impression as well. And to cap it off, the representative band of Yonsei, Sonagi, was at its best. During the festival, a simultaneous activation of all cellular phones created a dreamy atmosphere. It was also during this time that "Paran," "September's Christmas" and "Yonsei's Lover" made their debut as new cheer songs.

  There are so many amazing things to enjoy at the festival, but certain things are necessary to make the experience worthwhile. The May festival usually lasts for one week. During the festival, we drink alcohol, cheer and prepare many events. Naturally, we feel tired because of a lack of sleep. If someone breaks down from exhaustion, he or she can't take part in the festival. In fact, when asked What do you need most during the festival period?, a number of students said that "energy" (41%) was the most important thing. If you don't want to pass out in the middle of a crowd and get trampled, start building that stamina now!

What do you need most during 
the festival period?

  41% Energy
  20% Money
  Many Yonseians (32%) thought that "they have never felt that the festival should not be held." Yonseians are still leaders in the pursuit of pleasure. For them, the festival may be their reason for attending Yonsei. But sometimes we feel that the festival is a necessary evil. The most popular complaint about the festival season was, "when noisy performances go on for too long (18%)." There is a lot to say on this topic. Of course, there are some great bands; but on the other hand, there are also some terrible bands on campus. Since everyone is guaranteed the right to have a concert in Baikyang-ro, they can all perform uninterrupted. But for some otherwise innocent students, these unrestrained performances can devolve into noise pollution. Therefore, please, as a favor to all of Yonsei, will the amateur bands please make their performances short and sweet?

  For this survey, the Annals limited the respondents to juniors and seniors because they have more festival experience than freshmen and sophomores. The festival seems to be exclusively enjoyed by the youth so juniors and seniors feel like they are getting too old for the Daedong Fete. The Annals asked When do you feel like you are the oldest on campus? To that, the first ranked answer was "when I can't get excited about famous celebrities coming to the festival (31%)." In addition, many other people said "when I am a guest at the one-day hof or market, not a sponsor (26%)." Hey, don't get discouraged, you old fogies! Think of your participation as helping the underclassmen feel younger!

  With the large amphitheater regarded by famous celebrities as being the best for concerts, the festival of Yonsei is famously credited as "AKARAKA for the Whole Universe" to the general public. Indeed the festival of Yonsei is always watched by the major press. Heo Sung-yong, one of the vice leaders of the Yonsei Yell Leaders who are in charge of preparing for AKARAKA, said that he wanted the festival to bring everyone together as one, to increase the participation of the students, and be something pleasant to look back on. He added, "We, as cheer leaders, are exerting all possible efforts to give the most satisfaction possible. This year, let's go all-out for this new festival because we are still young!" Hey, Yonseians! Let loose and go nuts! Daedong Fete comes once a year, but studies and work are eternal. From Business majors to engineers, freshmen to seniors, put the real world on hold for three days so you can celebrate the good times while they're still rolling.

▲ Illustratd by Kim Yeon-ji

What is the most interesting part of the festival?

                       37% One-day hof or market 
                       30% Cheering

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