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승인 2006.06.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

▲ Korea Univ. President Euh Yoon-dae giving a lecture at Kakdanghun
(Photographed by Bang Hyun-duk)
KOREA UNIVERSITY'S president Euh Yoon-Dae gave a speech on May 3rd at Kakdanghun hosted by Yonsei Leaders Club. The title of the speech was "The future of Korean Universities" and Euh claimed some problems of Korean universities and their solutions.

  Euh said, "I think that Korean University Education is in danger. I think that the main reason for this danger is financial problems." At the end of the speech, Euh suggested the four essential features of global leaders and he asserted that both Yonsei and Korea University should change into better universities that help students to foster these four features: passion, teamwork ability, creativity and international communication ability.

  "Euh's speech was too one sided, which, in my opinion, would not gather students' agreement," said Cho Hye-gee (Fresh., Col. Of Liberal Arts). Students from Korea University demonstrated opposition to Euh's idea in front of Kakdanghun and left after a few minutes. However, Euh's idea asking every university to co-operate to produce global leaders seemed to gather agreement.

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