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Wanted: Gaenyum
Lee Min-ji Assisstant Reporter  |
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승인 2006.06.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

"LOAD UP your gaenyum!" Do you know what this means? Gaenyum is the Korean term for etiquette or common sense. A lot of students are complaining that some students are lacking gaenyum these days. When they see those students, this is what they quote. Since the people who are lacking etiquette and the people who are complaining about it are all students of Yonsei, we heard what students think about it and what solutions there could be.

  Yoon Sue-in
  Soph., Dept. of Computer Science

  I think students who leave only one book or notebook to take up the whole table on the second and third floor of the Central Library are being selfish. Those spaces are desperately needed; a lot of students have been complaining that there isn't sufficient place to study. However, I also think that the problem is due to not only the students, but also the school. The school should take measures to build more places where students can study.

  Borge Angelfoss
  Sr., Exchange student from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

  I think it's a problem when students' cell phones ring in class because it distracts the flow of the lecture. This is also a big problem in Norway, too. So in my school, the students did a huge campaign on it through articles in the school press, which turned out to be effective. Yonsei could do a similar campaign or the professors could warn the students to turn off their phones to alleviate the problem. The funny thing about cell phones ringing, though, is that sometimes even the professors' cell phones ring and they actually answer them.

  Kim Ha-neul
  Jr., Dept. of Comm.

  I think it's disturbing when students eat food that smells inside the classroom. It's not that I don't understand them; perhaps it's their only choice because they have a busy schedule. But it is still distracting when people eat. The interesting point is that these people, or the so-called gaenyum-lacking people have been increasing lately. I think it is due to the changing education. Before, teachers taught students to be passive and obedient. But these days, teachers seem to favor students who are active and sometimes rebellious. Maybe this is what influenced the students to act that way.

  Park Kyung-joon
  Jr., Dept. of Urban Planning and Engineering

  I feel annoyed when students chat in large lectures. I actually directly tell those people to stop talking but they usually ignore me. It would be better if the professors assigned seats so that people from the same department or division can't sit together. I also feel a little bit distracted when I see couples flirting in front or inside of the central library. Unfortunately, it's not something that I can tell them not to do. I just envy them as a single.

  Kim Sun-yeong
  3rd Semester, Graduate School of Information

  I think it is annoying when people contact you only when exams or reports are impending. Those people, who never usually contact me, call me and ask if they can borrow my notes or if I have the exam questions from previous terms. It's so obvious, but I still end up lending them what they asked for. I sometimes hint that I'm feeling annoyed but it's hard to say no to them to their face. I don't think there are any solutions for this problem. There will always be these kinds of students.

  Kim Hong-ki
  Sr., Dept. of Business Admin.

  I've seen a lot of people who lack etiquette; students who eat in class, who goes in and out of the classroom frequently, who reserve seats in the library but never actually study in them. Although I feel distracted, I rarely say something about it unless I know them well. Other people do so too because they don't want to ruin their image by criticizing them. It's also a social problem; the society is becoming more individualized than ever and it's simply happening inside school, too.

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