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Hey, Hey? Hey!Kim Hye-won, '97, Dept. of English Lang. & Lit.
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승인 2006.06.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

LIVING AS a woman in the world, especially in Korea, what does that mean? For many women in Korea, after they get married, they usually quit their own work. However, for Hey (Kim Hye-won, '97 Dept. of English Language & Lit.), there is no obstacle to being a working woman. As a singer, musical actor, radio DJ and a mother, she is trying to take a step forward to accomplish her dream now.

  Annals : How did you become a singer named "Hey"?

  Hey : When I was in high school, I had a chance to perform on the radio Byulbam (radio program) for a singing contest by accident. At that time, the writer of the program picked out me. A few months later, a writer of another program called me if I could perform in the program Proposal of Lee so-ra (TV program) as a student interpreter. That was my first time to be opened to the public. Then Lee Moon-sae suggested I make a debut as a singer. I delightfully agreed for that suggestion because I just loved music, especially singing songs. For debut, I really needed a unique name so Lee gave me a name, "Hey." In Korean, it means "a child spreading sunlight."

▲ Hey singing at "Festival in thw Woods" in the Chungsongdae on May 17, 2006
  Please tell us how your school days were as a Yonseian.

  Actually, because I had to prepare entire two years for my debut, in retrospect, I feel vacant in terms of campus life. I didn't join any dongahree. Unlike the other student-celebrities, fortunately, I was not so popular a singer at first time, so not many people could recognize me. Thus, I was free to enjoy campus life relatively. The most impressive event was that I sang a song "My heart will go on" and "Goodbye" in the Amphitheater at the festival "Akaraka for the whole universe" in 1999. My heart was overflowing with joy at that time because of tremendous hand clapping of students . In terms of academic pursuit, I tried my best to achieve my own goal to study real literature. In fact, my majors, English Language & Lit. and French Language & Lit., were the things I really had wanted to study from a child.

  We heard that you are famous for your multifarious activities. Could you tell us?

  I'm working now as a singer, a musical actor, a radio DJ and the most difficult and particular job, a mother and a wife. Same for all the mothers in the world, once a woman has a baby, from that time, her life changes drastically. She cannot help thinking of her family prior to her own career. It also comes to same thing to me. Many people usually think that the married woman celebrity would be given more privileges than ordinary women. However, that's not true. To me, there is no special opportunity to work freely in the society. Without my husband and self-sacrificing mother, I could never do whole things as now. I really feel keenly, the necessity of thoughtful consideration for married women in Korea.

  For Yonseians, do you have anything to tell?

  Yonseians always value their school name which stands proud in the long history in Korea, and so do I. I want you all Yonseians to come to your senses through the way of more experiences, more activities in dongahree and taking your pleasure. Plus, I strongly recommend you fall in love with someone during campus life time. When you come out to the real world, it is not so easy to meet a new face. You may find your perfect match after numerous trials and errors in going out with people.

  During the time I had the interview with Hey, she told me with a smile. She has broken all of the preconceptions that we previously had of celebrities. She is the real "new woman" in our age. Through her songs, we may be able to get her thoughts and her humaneness. Yonseians can hear her voice through Arirang radio "Let's go gayo" from 14:00 to 16:00 everyday. Hey, Yonseians, Hey will wait for all of you. (

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