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No Cars on Baikyang-ro
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Carfree Baikyang-ro

THE OFFICE of General Affairs has decided to allow no more cars on Baikyang-ro from March 3 in order to prevent accidents. The rule (banning automobile traffic) will be applied from 10 am to 5 pm, not including weekends. No cars are permitted from the eagle statue to the Baikyang tree. 
    According to Son Seong-mun, the staff-member of the Office of General Affairs, about one or more car accidents have occurred at Yonsei Univ. every day; especially, many students walk around the Baikyang-ro in the afternoon. Therefore, the Office of General Affairs concluded that cars should not be driving where there are many students crossing the road. However, fire engines or ambulances are able to use Baikyang-ro in emergencies.
   Son said, “Actually, Korea Univ. and Sogang Univ. do not allow cars on their campuses. Since there are no cars, people find it easier to walk around the campus and the accident rates are declining annually. People are also encouraged to use the parking lots.”  
   It is predictable that many car users and students who use taxis will have complaints. As school begins, the new Baikyang-ro automobile ban will most likely become a “hot potato” issue, widely discussed on campus.

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(2012-01-19 22:28:05)
Hello. And Bye Marry. IT was nice to see you at this sweet suger house.
(2012-01-05 09:53:47)

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