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NEAN 2007 Yonsei Leadership Forum
Cha Han-na  |
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승인 2007.02.22  16:17:47
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

Participants of Northeast Asian Network 2007

The NEAN 2007 Yonsei Leadership Forum was held from Feb. 5 to Feb. 10. Student delegates from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, U.S and other nations gathered at Yonsei Univ. to participate in the forum under the topic of “Bridging Northeast Asia towards Integration.”
   The forum included programs such as DRT (Diplomatic Round Table), workshop, cultural events, and field trips. Qualified professors, politicians, CEOs were invited to attend workshops which were divided into four themes: Politics & Security, Economy & Industry, Culture and New Technology.
   “According to the enquete, many delegates chose the DRT with ambassadors workshop as the most memorable program, because they could actually meet each ambassador from different countries and share ideas together. Cultural activities such as a “Culture Night” and “City Tour” also provided delegates from various countries a chance to experience Korea,” said Kim Ryeo-Jin (Sr., Dept. of German Language & Lit., Chairperson of the NEAN Organizing Committee).
   This NEAN 2007 Yonsei Leadership Forum has strengthened the network between our world’s young leaders, and has provided them a chance to share different ideas and see the world through the eyes of other countries’ future leaders.
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