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March Roundup
Lee Young-sun  |
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승인 2007.03.05  18:25:21
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

Feb. 13
Forum with Saudi Minister
A forum was held at Underwood Hall with Saudi Arabia's Minister of Education and the presidents of six Korean universities.

Feb. 20-23
2007 Freshmen Orientation
An orientation was held for students entering Yonsei this year under the auspices of the University College. On Feb. 20, the opening ceremony took place at the Auditorium and on Feb. 21-23, students received orientations from the SA (Student Association) as well as their respective colleges.

Feb. 21
Retirement Ceremony
This year's Professor Retirement Ceremony was held at the Luce Chapel on Feb. 21. This day, sixteen professors retired as they reached their retirement age and three professors reached their honorary retirement age.

Feb. 25
Graduation Service
A chapel service commemorating the graduation of seniors was held at the Luce Chapel.

Feb. 26
Graduation Ceremony
A conferment of diplomas was held at the Auditorium for seniors.

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