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Think About the WholeAn assembly member who dreams of utopia
Kim Da-eun  |
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승인 2007.03.26  22:49:52
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Think About the Whole
An assembly member who dreams of utopia


   A REPORTER portrays Kim Hyun-mee (’81, Dept. of Political Science) as “straight not angular.” Her direct and passionate actions gave people such an impression. First elected as a National Assembly member in 2005, Kim has been striving hard to achieve her dreams of democracy.

The road she has walked
   When I was a university student, I participated in student movements for our society’s democratic development. In those days, the military regime of Chun Doo-hwan was at its peak. I would have never dreamed of living in a democratically improved society like today. After graduation, I started working at the office of Kim Dae-jung, who had a huge influence on my political stance; I became to realize that methods such as peaceful turnover of political power rather than revolution can also contribute to the advancement of democracy. That change of thought made me strive develop Korea’s democracy using constitutional methods, which also led me to finally become a member of the National Assembly.

Emphasis on her actions
   I have a great concern for the problems of economic alienation. While having laid the foundations for democracy, our society has a long way to go in social and economic terms. The gap between large and small enterprises, especially after the IMF crisis, is raising eyebrows. I think to ensure the stability the middle and working classes is the most pressing matter for Korea. The current discussion of Microcredit funds is related to such concern; we have supported the policy since 2005.

More participation of women
   The level of women’s political participation in Korea is low; at the 16th National Assembly, the percentage of female members was lower than 5%. As a result of the female quota system, this figure rose to 17%; but, it still does not reach the world’s average. A lot of experts point out that our society needs to make better use of women’s potential in order to advance.


Hyun-mee’s utopia
   I have three goals for a better society. The first is to build a “well-fixed” country, which means an economically advanced nation. A “warm hearted society” is the second; the benefits from financial progress must be equally distributed to all. To be specific, policies beyond mere welfare are necessary; all citizens should be supported in order to keep the stability of their life on their own. The last is to bring “peace to the Korean peninsula”. Troubles like North Korea’s nuclear program have to be settled through mutual agreement. Wouldn’t our children be happier if such visions were achieved?

To Yonseians
   Youths are our future; what they think will decide the outcome of our society. I understand and feel sympathy for their struggle to achieve higher GPAs and to build their career; yet, at the same time, developing one’s potential is significant in that it increases the power of the nation in the long run. How can people who know no more than themselves carry our country’s future? I hope Yonseians would be “balanced” youths, who think about the big picture.

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