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For My Parents
Nah Noo-ree  |
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승인 2007.04.30  21:24:14
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

IT'S MAY, known to many as the month of the family. Normally, carnations are given to parents as a symbol of filial love. Yet, there is much more we can do other than simply pinning flowers on our parents' hearts. To those who are hesitating what to do for the Parents' Day, here are some suggestions you can put into action right away.

   On my mother’s birthday, I gathered my friends together and each of us sent different messages wishing her a happy birthday. I thought it was just a trivial way I could express my heart to her, but to my astonishment, she texted back to all of my friends, truly appreciating it. She told me that she was greatly impressed with the surprise event and that she was proud of me. Upon hearing that, my heart tingled and I felt that I should be a better son to my beloved mother.

Kim Hyun-jin (Soph., Dept. of Education)

   I think one way to express filial affection is to have talks with your parents as often as possible. As I gradually spent less time at home after moving on to college, I started to talk to my parents about my school life in order to stay close to them. Also, sticking to the basic rules will please your parents. Arrive home early and give them a call when you’re coming home late. It’s the easiest thing you can do to be considerate.

Mangano Agnese (Soph., Dept. of Korean Language & Lit.)

   To express my feelings to my parents, I tell them how much I love them or just give them a big hug. Although they tell me to stop joking and just laugh it off when I do, I can see that they like it very much and I can also feel their love towards me. I know it’s not easy, at first, to put it into practice at this age. But once it becomes a habit, it’s not going to be that awkward. When they are feeling ill or tired, this kind of act can cheer them up.

Choi Yun-kyung (Fresh., Underwood International College)

   I suggest cooking as a good way to please your parents. While cooking, you will experience what a hard task it is. Thinking that my mother does this tiring chore everyday makes me realize what a great woman she is. After all this hard work, however, seeing my family deliciously eating the meal I cook delights me. When I cook, my parents tell me that they feel as if they're being treated like nobles. Why not cook for your parents this weekend?

Choi Soo-jung (Jr., Dept. of Clothing & Textiles)


   In order to better understand the relationships between parents and young adults, we need to understand the developmental changes of each group. Most parents who have young adult sons or daughters are in their 40s or 50s. During that age period, their physical and mental abilities tend to go downhill. On the other hand, adults in their 20s reach the peak of their youth. Try to understand your parents. It’s the fastest way to get close to them.

Jun Hye-jung (Dept. of Child & Family Studies)
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